Take care of your skin naturally with Ameoli

Prendre soin de sa peau naturellement avec Ameoli

Concerned about their environmental impact, more and more people are changing their habits and turning to eco-responsible products. This is what Ameoli offers with body care made from natural and biodegradable ingredients: products that respect the skin and the environment.

Since 2015, the Eastern Townships company has been creating cosmetics with simple and above all healthy formulas. No chemicals, only good and natural for the skin. There is a varied range including, among other things, body soaps, face serums, clay masks, hair care and moisturizing lotions.

Ecological values

Amélie transposes her green side into her business in different ways, whether by using recyclable or reusable containers, such as glass bottles, or by designing zero waste products. All of its bar soaps, shampoos and solid conditioners require no packaging or containers. In addition, Ameoli products break down easily after use.

Take care of your skin naturally with Ameoli

Skin-friendly products

Free of perfumes and composed of natural ingredients mainly from plants and algae, Ameoli cosmetics are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. The benefits of each product's key ingredients are listed on the company's website to help consumers understand how they work and what they do for the skin. Selected with great care and always of high quality, they come as much as possible from local producers.

Take care of your skin naturally with Ameoli

Ameoli products can be purchased online , in select stores, as well as at artisan fairs and public markets in the summer. I invite you to follow his Facebook page so you don't miss a thing.

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