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Thank the educators and teachers

Remercier les éducatrices et les

The end of the year is approaching and it is often an opportunity to thank the teachers and educators who have marked the early years of our children. I decided to give them gifts this year. First, both were pearls. Then, one of them is a great help to me in toilet training and above all, she respects my son's inability to take naps! For me, it's a gift!

Obligatory, the gift?

There is a debate among parents whether gifts are compulsory. Some feel compelled to give, others just want to. Some parents wonder whether to buy gifts for all teachers…arts, physical education, etc.

As in everything, I believe that it is up to each person to offer a gift or not. A teacher or an educator who did not please me, who was not outstanding, or who simply arrived at the end of the year will most likely not receive a gift from me, a small thank you card perhaps . A gift, if offered to everyone, is no longer a gift, it's a trifle. For me.

Responsible choices

In order to respect my resolutions in terms of eco-responsibility, I have a few criteria: 1) made in Quebec; 2) useful; 3) edible or durable. Also, I try to get to know the educators a little. I talk to them, I ask them questions when I have time. I try to see what they like. Then if I'm not sure, I always choose a gift that can be given back.

I also believe that certain gifts should be avoided, such as jewelry, fashion items, perfumes or other body care. So I go there in food, most often: it's useful, it can be given back if it's not to the taste of the person and it's low cost!

Gift ideas

Without wanting to make a gift guide, I still wanted to offer you five ways to thank your educator or teacher.


There are so many ideas: chocolate from the little local chocolate factory , oils or dressings that are out of the ordinary , caramel to eat straight from the jar , 100% Quebec honey that doesn't taste like added sugar ... I offer you my favorites, but we agree that we rarely go wrong when choosing a gift that can be eaten!

1. Djinn syrups

We just talked about it, but I really fell in love with this product. It can be used in several ways, this little syrup is versatile! In water, in a mocktail, in a smoothie, salad dressing, etc.

2. Tea taxi

They came back in force these dear teas! To be sure they will please, I often choose the less bitter ones: herbal teas, white tea, rooibos, chai, etc. With a fruity touch, it is an almost guaranteed success. Otherwise, it will always make them something to offer to guests during dinners on the terrace on summer evenings...


More and more parents are opting for useful gifts: stamps, stickers, pretty pencils (check out those from PeekoKids !), a memory game, etc. In short, these items that teachers and educators use again and again!

3. Alice and Simone pencil case

Something useful… and pretty, for the pencils lying around everywhere! Alice et Simone offers pretty cases to offer to teachers!

4. A Soul Curry Notebook

Because our brain rolls fast and we often forget. The good old notebook is essential for many. As a teacher, I wrote down certain requests from my students, ideas I had during a lesson, and so on.

Credit: Soul Curry

A simple word worth gold

Do you just want to show them your gratitude with a card? It's just as nice! Nothing better than a heartfelt thank you.

5. An illustrated card made in Quebec

Darveelicious illustrations give you the funniest cards ever! For the teacher who has a good sense of humor, your thanks will not go unnoticed!

Fleur Maison also offers you "trendy" and cute illustrations that will add that little oomf to your words.

Marie-Eve Pharand 's collection of small animals will appeal to many, but you can also choose her cards specially designed for educators and teachers.

Credit: Darveelicious

However, I hope I have convinced you of the power of words. Gifts are certainly appreciated. But when they become automatic, don't they lose all their value?

I believe that in the overconsumption society in which we live, it is important to respect yourself in this. And buy a gift to buy a gift, because everyone does, that's no reason. Teachers and educators appreciate kind words and heartfelt thanks alike. Believe me, I was a teacher. And if they don't care about your simple thanks, it's ultimately that they didn't deserve a gift.

Reviewed by Marie-Eve Patry

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