Savan: simple and effective skin care

Savan : des soins pour la peau simples et efficaces

Savan offers a line of skincare "that goes against industry stereotypes." The Quebec-based company celebrated its first anniversary last June and I had the opportunity to meet, at their pop-up store in Old Quebec, the two entrepreneurs behind this cosmetics brand.

Éric Vanasse and Marianne Samson, co-founders of Savan

Two old friends

Marianne Samson and Éric Vanasse are two friends who have known each other for almost 25 years. Before starting their business, she worked in the field of psychology and he in the circus arts in Quebec. They always knew they would one day be business partners. Moreover, the name Savan comes from the combination of their surnames (SAmson and VANasse). The project therefore materialized in the field of skin care, an interest they share. The two entrepreneurs could not find products that exactly suited their needs. They also found that many cosmetic brands were not being honest with their customers. Savan was born out of a mutual need to have a skincare line that matches what they are looking for and pays attention to the ingredients. With their company, they want to offer something healthy, simple and beautiful and we can certainly say that it is successful!

Good for the skin

The two entrepreneurs have a vision of offering products that are not harmful to the skin. By creating treatments based on scientific literature, Savan makes sure to offer the best to its customers. However, the company does not define itself as “natural” since certain ingredients, which entrepreneurs did not find in natural form, were created in the laboratory. Nevertheless, these are ingredients that are neither harmful to the skin nor to health. So there is no risk of finding carcinogenic or irritating ingredients in their products. The other ingredients come from derivatives of plants, fruits or nuts. Each component has been carefully chosen for its effectiveness as well as for its guarantee of safety.

In addition to choosing its ingredients carefully, Savan is committed to local production. All production is carried out in Quebec: whether it is the labels made in Sainte-Julie or the Laval laboratory in which the products are developed.

Products that suit everyone

Savan products are high-end and affordable and are suitable for both men and women. This is also one of the reasons why the packaging is very refined with neutral colors. The two entrepreneurs wanted to offer products that move away from stereotypes: “we didn't want to have a pink potty for women and a blue potty for men,” says Marianne.

Savan offers simplified skin care products. The main line of products offered is called Essentials and includes two products: a light moisturizer and a gentle cleanser. They are universal products, since everyone needs to cleanse their face and moisturize it, and they are suitable for all skin types. Then there are the supplements like Konjac Sponge and Moisturizing Oil , which recently launched in a pop-up store located in Old Quebec. Finally, when you want to spoil yourself, Savan offers little luxuries whose products should be on the market soon. We know that there will be a mask as well as a richer moisturizer. We can't wait to try them!

To find out more about the company, consult its member profile .

Reviewed By Melanie

photo credit: Savan

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