Scaro, the jewel that protects you

Scaro, le bijou qui vous protège

To speak with an artist like Caroline Arbour, creator of Scaro jewelry , is to discover a woman endowed with an unshakeable belief in her target audience. We often read inspiring stories in books, but Caroline's story reminds me how much we have to cling to our values ​​and our convictions.

The scarab, Scaro's emblem

The beetle is the artist's favorite insect. He's been there since he left school. She chose it because it represents protection, courage and luck. It can be adopted as a real lucky charm. Indeed, the shell is a symbol of protection, the same shell that protected it when the company was in its infancy in 2003.


Credit: Karine Belzile

Recognize yourself in the jewelry you wear

For Caroline, her clients are daring women who believe in the symbolism of the beetle. They become ambassadors as they develop a sense of belonging for the brand. They wear it proudly and never separate from it. Moreover, she is very honored to see Florence K. wearing her creations. She met him at an event where Florence K was a DJ.


Florence K proudly wearing Scaro jewelry. Credit: Scaro 's Instagram

Even though her clientele is 80% female, she does not refrain from offering men a refined collection offering, among other things, bracelets and cufflinks.

Two great prides

We must be proud of the road traveled and recognize our successes. I asked Caroline what had been meaningful to her both personally and professionally. She gave me two answers:

  • Having held on to its brand image despite the judgment of others
  • Have created jobs in Quebec with the hiring of two people in production

I also asked her to share with us a creation of which she is proud, below the Quintessence ring:


Credit:Laurie Godin-Rheault

As rooted as the nature that inspires it

For this woman from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, 2017 was a year of decisions. She tells me that major contracts have required her to make additional management efforts and therefore to adapt her work-family balance. She compared herself to a well-rooted tree that faces strong winds: she stood tall!

Even if she is aware that distance is an issue, it is obvious that the call of nature takes all the place in her creative ritual. She couldn't do without it. Calm and closeness to nature are at the heart of his inspirations. I invite you to discover her manufacturing process during which she marries metals with precision.

Collaborations that have marked his career

Caroline has been with Signé Local since the beginning. What immediately charmed her: their dynamism.

Moreover, as they share the same values, namely to create in the region, the handmade and the know-how, a natural collaboration was born between Scaro and Noc Design . While he makes his leather bracelets, Caroline makes his belt pins. They thus became friends.


Because they shared several projects together, Caroline and Christian Leduc, photographer , now have a great friendship. She received a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec following a research and creation project they carried out together. She admires his talent. "He's an artist that I really like, because he has a really interesting look at photography," she told me.

Destinations 2018 for Scaro

She will visit the Big Apple for NY Now . Then, she will travel her creations in Western Canada to Calgary for the Art Market Calgary and then Vancouver for the Circle Craft Vancouver .

What is drawing

Scaro is currently present in 19 points of sale including one in Calgary. Caroline offers custom designed creations and also in series. It will soon host a new outlet among the skyscrapers of the city of Toronto.

Her desire to have points of sale in the United States will undoubtedly materialize since Caroline Arbor is ready to join the American market. She knows that great opportunities await her. My little finger tells me that the events on the 2018 calendar will be there for a few things. We wish him!

She would like to have a storefront… Someone whispers to me that Montreal could be possible. She will undoubtedly make people happy.

To obtain his magnificent creations and to adopt the beetle as a symbol of protection, visit the member page.

Reviewed by Eveline

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