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The Sunners, tan-through swimsuits

The Sunners, des maillots de bain transbronzants

What I like the most about summer is the possibility of being able to spend long days outside, from the first rays of the sun in the morning, until nightfall. Nothing better to maximize our vitamin D intake and replenish energy. It's a time of year when it's good to get out of the house to go for a walk, stroll on a terrace or even relax by the pool with a mojito in hand. For my part, as soon as the first rays show up I have only one desire, to go to the beach and get a tan. However, what could be more frustrating than ending up with demarcations at the end of the day…. And we are not even talking about those present at the end of the summer season.

On the right, Annie Bélanger, founder of The Sunners during a photo shoot

I met Annie, the founder of The Sunners , over a good iced matcha at Café St-Henri . As soon as I arrived I was surprised to find that Annie, who had just returned from a vacation in the sun, had practically no demarcations despite her beautiful golden complexion. I am piqued with curiosity.

She tells me that it all started during a 4-month trip with her boyfriend to Southeast Asia, two years ago. With her pale complexion that easily takes on a golden color after a few hours in the sun, she begins to get frustrated with having to manage her boundaries when she wears a little dress to dinner. Even though she knows it's not the biggest problem in the world, it still annoys her. “What would be nice would be to be able to tan through our bathing suits! she said to her boyfriend over dinner. Without further ado, he replies: “I believe that you have just found your project for our return to Quebec”. Annie therefore takes advantage of the months remaining on her trip to do research and begins to work on her business plan as soon as she returns home. A year later, in November 2017, she launched The Sunners, the first brand of tan-through swimwear made in Quebec.


Transbronze-what do you say to yourself?

The Sunners swimsuits are tan-through, meaning they allow the sun's rays to pass through the fabric while providing sun protection (SPF) of around 8-10. The fabric used for the confection blocks 80% of UVA rays and 90% of UVB rays. And unlike sunscreen, which wears off after a while, The Sunners swimwear provides consistent protection. Annie tells me that it is advisable to put sunscreen regularly on the uncovered parts in order to maximize an even tan.

Photo credit: @stepooom


This expression, used several times by Annie during our discussion, describes quite well the career of the entrepreneur. Holder of a bachelor's degree in translation, Annie feels the need to let her creative juices flow. As a child, she loved to draw and create. She remembers, when she was younger, thinking that you couldn't live solely from your creativity. She therefore put this aspect of her personality aside for a few years to pursue university studies. It was through The Sunners that Annie's creativity came to light again! It is she who designs each of the pieces in the collection.

Not having pursued studies in fashion, Annie learns as she develops and drinks invaluable advice from her colleagues in the industry. Despite the many challenges and discouragements experienced, she tells me about the beautiful spirit of collaboration that coexists between local creators.

What she finds most difficult, however, is finding reliable local labor. She tells me that seamstresses are rare in Quebec, but even more so in swimsuits, since the fabrics are stretchy and more difficult to handle. “You have no choice but to keep a list of emergency seamstresses. And often, you go to the end of this list quickly.

Even if labor is scarce, there is no question for Annie of relocating her production. “For me, the ethical side is really important. I want to make sure people are treated well and paid well. I didn't want to outsource to Asia, because I would have had to go there to see the conditions for myself and often communications are very difficult… And we don't talk about deadlines and quantity minimums. »

credit: Studio.jpg


A great traveler, Annie used a travel photo to develop her very first fabric. “I took one of my travel photos, a sunset that I really liked, and created a pattern from the color variations that were in the sky. This gave the fabric that is currently found on all the pieces! ".

The designer explains to me that the transtanning fabrics currently available on the market are very thin. They must allow the sun's rays to pass through. Although it is not possible to see through it when worn, there is a certain transparency which may worry some when taken in the hands for the first time. “Using patterns in the design of the fabric makes it possible to achieve a more opaque finish and to eliminate this transparency. Everything has been thought out so that the swimsuit is functional and that the client is comfortable wearing it”. Since they have no pads, all The Sunners swimsuit tops come with a reusable nipple shield for those who are less comfortable. Having tested one of the bikinis myself, I can confirm that there is nothing to worry about!


Although she loves lounging at the beach, Annie needs to move and especially likes to go swimming. It was therefore essential that his models be adapted to physical activity and that they provide support, regardless of the movement. The different models of tops and bottoms have therefore been designed to follow the natural curves and movements of the body.

credit: Studio.jpg

To complete the current offer, Annie will soon be launching two new models: a one-piece swimsuit and a model with high-waisted panties, both in a new print!

Stay tuned to his Facebook page for the release date.

For more information about the company, see its member page .

Reviewed by Catherine

Cover photo credit: Studio.jpg

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