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Everything for a successful spring cleaning

Ménage du printemps fait au québec

With the arrival of spring comes renewal and the return of warmth and terraces. Who says spring also says huge cleaning and ventilation of the house. I find there is something satisfying about cleaning up and seeing the end result. Recently, I realized that the household products I was using were not good for health and for the environment. So I sorted and selected more ecological brands. Here are a few that offer alternatives to harmful products. If you don't know what to wash during your big spring cleaning, you will find a list of tasks to print out and check off as they are completed later in this article.

KLIIN: Reusable paper towels

If you don't know Kliin products yet, they will change your life! These colorful and really beautiful wipes replace disposable paper towels. In fact, a single Kliin replaces up to 17 paper towel rolls and can be reused hundreds of times! When the wipes are dirty, just put them in the washer. If you're worried about them smelling bad, rest assured: these reusable paper towels are made of natural materials and therefore dry quickly and don't breed odor-causing bacteria. The most wonderful thing about these products? You can put them in the compost at the end of their life!



Kliin collaborates with different artists from here to create truly original designs. I fell in love with the collaboration with DARVEE: the print is super fun. Makes me want to leave our reusable paper towel lying on the kitchen counter for everyone to see!

Kliin roll


Rollers are Kliin's newest products. Each roll contains five sheets which are thinner and more malleable than regular wipes. It is therefore an option that is closer to traditional paper towels, but which has the same advantages as the original products. The rollers will add a little color to your decor.


The name says it: The Unscented Company offers fragrance-free products. The founder believes that a fragrance-free deep clean is better for our senses. I fully agree with this statement, since I have read that the fragrance or perfume ingredient is very irritating and can trigger skin allergies (Suzuki, 2010). Note, however, that some companies, such as Planette, which we will discuss a little later, use natural and non-irritating fragrances. Another interesting point is the packaging designed to be reused and which can be refilled in store. It is an attractive option for people who want to reduce their waste.

Cleansing Vinegar, The Unscented Company


This natural cleaning vinegar is effective for windows and mirrors as well as for wooden surfaces or for cleaning food residues. With this product you will be able to clean, deodorize and eliminate unpleasant odors. You can even remove stubborn mold stains that you have never been able to remove.


These dishwasher tablets are eco-designed. They contain 93% ingredients from vegetable or mineral sources. You won't even need to unwrap the sachet since it is water soluble. It is the ideal solution for cleaning dishes that have been accumulating dust in the cupboards for a few months.


Pure products are biodegradable and made with naturally sourced ingredients. They do not contain toxins and are not harmful to health or the environment. Interestingly, Pure uses chemistry to find better solutions to harmful ingredients. For example, to replace ammonia, coconut molecules are used to make surfaces shine.

Essentials Kit, PURE


This kit brings together the best sellers and will allow you to discover the Pure product line. You will be able to try laundry detergent, multi-purpose cleaner, moisturizing hand and body cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, dishwashing liquid as well as a fabric stain remover and two terry cloths offered free of charge. With this set, you can clean the house from top to bottom while minimizing your impact on the environment.


The Planete company offers ecological and natural household products. For the founders, the natural aspect is important, since an ecological product, even if it has less impact on the environment, is not necessarily harmless to health. The mother-daughter duo behind Planette wanted to reinvent grandmother's recipes with Marseille soap, a natural soap from France made from olive oil.

Recurring duo, PLANETTE


This duo contains a scouring cream and a scouring pad. The cream is very effective for glue and paint stains and it will succeed in giving a second life to your greasy oven. As for the pad, it is made of nylon mesh and is ideal for several types of surfaces such as ceramic and stainless steel.

Floor soap, PLANETTE


It's rather rare that I take the time to wash the floor thoroughly. This cleaner is therefore ideal since it has many uses: washing walls and ceilings, washing the car and removing traces of limescale.


There are many household products that are good for the environment, but you can also make them yourself. You can read another contributor's article that offers homemade cleaners for the bathroom as well as for mirrors.

To-do list, spring cleaning

To print it: Tasks – spring cleaning

I hope these products will make you want to clean up. If you're not too motivated to do so, listen to your favorite songs at the same time or catch up on your favorite series. Good cleaning and don't forget to enjoy the good weather!

Reviewed By Melanie

SUZUKI, D. (2010). The Dirty Dozen: Perfume (aka fragrance). David Suzuki Foundation: One nature. Retrieved from

cover photo credit: Unsplash

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