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Self-employment: the essentials to survive

Travail autonome : les essentiels pour survivre

When our career choice stops on the formula of self-employment, we often think of all the advantages: autonomy and flexible hours are the most popular. It is easy to dangle this beautiful vision of ease and idleness.

Contrary to what social media and the local economy give us the impression, the percentage of self-employed workers in Quebec is not on the rise. Peaking at 15.4% at the end of the 1990s, it has now fluctuated for almost twenty years between 13 and 14.7%. 1

Far from having only positive sides, self-employment has its own set of challenges. In particular, we have to stand out among a crowd of other workers who are just as competent as us and who have been there for a long time. Job titles overlap, are constantly redefining each other and leave the possibility of a rich personal orientation: it is absolutely necessary to find the place that belongs to us.

Self-employment is, for me, a way to enrich my social knowledge and interact with my environment. It's more than a way to survive; It's a lifestyle. We evolve there, we meet people, we discover each other, we encourage local businesses, we stick together. A tightly woven world of solidarity: what could be more beautiful?

How to survive in this world? Well, starting with the basics. Let's try to overcome the challenges one by one (without panicking).

Challenge 1: Productivity

That's the biggest piece. It's really hard to stay focused when you're working in your living room and you can stare at your undone dishes in the distance. When you know that in fifteen minutes the dryer will ring and you have to go fold those beautiful clothes. When your dog barks to pee outside. Looks like it never ends!

We can never say it enough, productivity comes first through organization, then through pleasure. Without either, productivity is very rarely there. The best thing? Combine business with pleasure!

To organize your time and your tasks, you will then choose a nice Soul Curry Art & Illustrations notebook.

Credit: Soul Curry Art & Illustrations

To give yourself a helping hand in reducing disturbing sounds, you choose a comfortable headset with advanced acoustics: headphones from LKPR HEADPHONES . Plastic-free and made from the finest wood species, these headphones will help you focus by whispering your favorite songs in your ear.

Headphones LKPR

Challenge 2: Motivation

We may be well organized, but sometimes the motivation does not follow at all. Nothing to do, the heart is not there! How to give yourself a little boost ? We create a little cocoon where we feel safe and comfortable.

Indoor plants are an excellent remedy for lack of motivation; they add a little touch of color and well-being to our immediate environment. Pumpkin Head 's plant holder designs are perfect for play! They take up little space, are pretty and offer you plenty of possibilities!

Indoor plants - Pumpkin head

Whatever one may say, coffee is an undeniable source of energy and motivation. A good silky latte in a cup made in Quebec? Or an Oolong tea ? Yes sir.

Offered by Stéphanie Fauteux, ceramist , this mug that makes us love "made in Quebec" even more is available on Etsy .

Invest in your workspace. Your good and not so good days will greatly benefit from it. Because yes, sometimes we miss our shot! Above all, you have to give yourself the right to make mistakes.

Challenge 3: the extras

Yes, perks, there are a lot when you are your own boss. Manage customer billing, suppliers, production, project monitoring, collaborations, finances; it quickly becomes overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a Quebec solution to solve these problems! Yes yes! Nutcache is a company of the Quebec group Dynacom Technologies and offers a complete accounting and project management solution. Perfect for a single worker or a small team, the web-based software allows you to produce sales, efficiency and tax reports, among others. We are a long way from the famous Excel sheet. Handy, right?

When nothing is working anymore to be productive, it's time to network. There are Quebec chambers of commerce everywhere and in all fields, web communities with brilliant self-employed workers who will understand your situation and its challenges. Use it!

Quebec is full of original and quality products; it's up to you to discover them. You will find partners, customers, visibility and maybe even a little bit of social life!

Reviewed by Marie-Eve Patry

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