Green Planet, natural, ecological and organic products

Verte Planète, produits naturels, écologiques et biologiques

Verte Planète is an offer of natural, ecological and organic products handmade with love! It is with a spirit of environmental protection at the center of its values ​​that the company has been committed to sustainable development since its foundation a year ago.

The conception of Green Planet

Meghan Zaritsky is the owner and founder of the company Verte Planète. It was during the summer of her 19th birthday that she began to imagine this enterprise by walking the 4,300 km Pacific Crest Trail. This allowed him to think about a concept that would put forward a perspective of eco-responsibility and a way for people to reduce their ecological footprint by consuming less, but better. Verte Planète is a local company that aims to offer quality care products and zero waste. It all started in Meghan's mother-in-law's kitchen, where she made bath bombs that her friends loved. She then began to manufacture a wider range of products, then had them approved by Health Canada at the start of the pandemic. From there, Verte Planète came to life in a small workshop in her basement.

The name Green Planet comes from Meghan's wish not to leave any negative impact on the earth whether it's washing her teeth, hair, hands or cleaning her skin. All of its packaging is compostable and dye-free. She uses natural elements such as clay, flowers or even spices to give color to her products. Zarits for a green planet is his slogan, a highlight of his company and a tribute to his father using part of his surname.

Perseverance and learning at the heart of its success

His father was a major source of inspiration in his career, he also had the soul of an entrepreneur who allowed him to find solutions to the trials that life made him face. Every weakness is an opportunity . Albert Elbilia from the Merci la vie bakery was also his tutor in learning biology and recognizing work with quality products that will make a difference. It is also thanks to him that today it has this spirit of grandeur, dreams and originality. Meghan considers stepping out of the box isn't always easy, but it's what sets her apart from all other businesses.

Green Planet, natural, ecological and organic products

Green Planet

Managing an SME is not always easy and every entrepreneur faces times that require perseverance. Financial management, with rising supply prices and the constant demand to reinvent itself, are at the center of its daily battles. However, the people who support him every month and his products that are found everywhere are worth this commitment.

Green Planet, natural, ecological and organic products

Green Planet

The desired future for Verte Planète

Verte Planète has just set up monthly subscriptions in order to continue to support people in making eco-responsible choices. The box makes it possible to offer its products in an ecological and zero waste way. This is considerable progress in reducing the ecological footprint without even realizing it. Boxes renew automatically. So customers don't have to worry about restocking their favorite products!

Megan has a very clear vision of what she wants for her store, including a move. Probably facing a river, a little further north. She dreams of a place where we could shop for her products, plants, drink coffee or even do yoga. She wants her business to be a wellness choice for body and soul. She would also like to open, if she can, a second store in Alberta that brings back memories of her experience in Western Canada.

Green Planet, natural, ecological and organic products

Green Planet

Finally, his favorite product is painkiller oil . Useful to counter menstrual, muscle, back or head pain. It can also be used in the bath, as a nourishing body oil or even as a massage oil. A versatile product that's hard not to love!

Discover all Green Planet products in our online store .

By Marianne Pregent

Reviewed by MF Editorial

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