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Super Super creates, produces, markets and distributes culinary solutions. What is a Culinary Solution? It is a product that will make it easier and faster to execute the meal. We want to help our customers cook better and eat real food. Our first 3 products are preparations for tartare. It allows you to make a tartar recipe at home quickly. We have two preparations for a fish tartare and one for red meat. Our most popular flavor, Asian. Sesame, lime and maple syrup are the main ingredients of this surprising sweet, salty mix to make the best tartare recipe at home. Our preparation is a safe bet for your gastronomic evenings, as good for a tartare as for the famous poké bowl. With French inspiration, you will be on familiar ground! A classic with, among other things, olive oil, capers, dill and our little extra: candied lemon. Unrivaled, well-balanced flavor every time. Play the chefs at home and impress your guests for sure! Our version of the classic recipe for a red meat tartare: Dijon mustard, capers, pickles and our gourmet touch; brandy are among the main ingredients. You will please both the experienced tartare lover and the one trying it for the first time. Go ahead, pull out all the stops, even on a Tuesday night! Super Super is also a platform, a community, a place to learn, to share in order to develop gastronomy.

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