SWENN is a new ethical fashion brand from Quebec, which specializes in local and high-end artisanal clothing, knitwear and accessories made from natural, organic and/or recycled materials. Inspired by the traditional sailor wardrobe, SWENN offers a varied range of unisex models in a "workwear", timeless and rock style. OUR HISTORY Kristell Geffroy is the founder of SWENN. Originally from France and Brittany, she moved to Montreal 9 years ago. Fashion designer and graphic designer by training, she has worked in the textile industry in France and Canada for the past 10 years. Her career path has given her an overview of the textile industry and its disastrous consequences on the environment, on the working conditions of workers in foreign countries and on product quality. These drifts are linked to fierce competition which continually pushes subcontractors to reduce their manufacturing costs and speed up their production rates. In response, for several years, a real awareness movement has been underway and in fashion, the SLOW WEAR movement exists, but still remains marginal. It was by reflecting on this alarming observation that, during a two-month trip to the Maritime Provinces, Kristell began to develop his project. By discussing with many local artisans, she became aware of the wealth of Canadian and Quebec know-how and the interest of high quality eco-responsible clothing made locally. She decided to launch her own ethical fashion brand, SWENN. DESIGN SWENN's style is positioned in the "workwear" movement, which offers models with a masculine, classic and functional look, inspired by the traditional work uniforms of craftsmen. The marine wardrobe offers an infinite range of particularly elegant and prestigious models. The idea is therefore to reinvent these great classics in a modern, authentic, rock and timeless style. ORIGINS OF PRODUCTS With SWENN we are committed to telling you the story of our products in complete transparency: 1- PRODUCED IN CANADA Our accessories are 100% pure Canadian virgin wool and entirely produced in Canada. The fiber comes from natural sheep farms on Prince Edward Island, it is then spun on site, then made by a knitter in Quebec. This yarn is dyed by hand using only GOTS certified organic dyes with low ecological impact and without heavy metals (Greener ShadesTM). 2 - MADE IN QUEBEC Our models in 100% extra fine Merino wool are entirely knitted and sewn in a small Quebec workshop with over thirty years of expertise in the field of knitting. Great care is taken in the creation of the patterns, then in the knitting and the handmade sewing. All our yarns come from spinning mills recognized for their quality and, before being selected, have been tested and checked beforehand (washing, resistance and knitting tests). We also make sure as much as possible that the yarns come from sheep farms that respect animal rights. 3 - PRINTED IN MONTREAL Our t-shirts and sweatshirts are only made of GOTS-certified organic cotton and/or RPET-certified recycled polyester. They are entirely manufactured in a small American factory near New York, which ensures a safe working environment and fair compensation for its employees. The models are dyed with dyes with low ecological impact, without heavy metals or toxic substances. The graphics were produced in collaboration with a Montreal illustrator artist (@MetroSketcher) and printed in Montreal in a small screen printing workshop. Also note that our woven labels are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and made in a small workshop in Toronto. Our zippers are recognized for being the most resistant (YKK) and entirely made in Montreal. VALUES Thanks to the know-how of the best local artisans, knitters and sheep breeders, SWENN is committed to offering a line of high quality products that respects strong human and environmental values: 1 - Respect the environment by favoring local production, organic and/or recycled natural fibres, as well as ecological dyeing techniques. 2 - Encourage the local economy in order to have better control over the manufacturing quality of products, create a direct and human relationship with subcontractors and reduce its carbon footprint by minimizing the use of transport. 3 - Offer fair remuneration to workers by applying the principles of fair trade. 4 - Support the animal cause by promoting open-air and organic farming. With its conscious production chain, SWENN aspires to become a reference in Quebec ethical fashion and to restore confidence and pride to a community in search of a sustainable, designer and natural style.

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