10 essentials for a successful picnic with local flavor

Les essentiels pour un pique-nique réussi à saveur locale

One of the activities that I love to do when Mother Nature gives us good weather is picnicking. I like to prepare different snacks that I bring in my basket or in my lunch box. No need to rack your brains to organize a picnic; all you need is the food you like and a place to sit outside (preferably in a nice park...and not on your apartment balcony in town!). Although it is a wonderful activity to do in good company, one can also enjoy the joys of picnicking alone.

While searching the Signé Local online store , I made a lot of great food finds. Today I present to you my essentials for a successful picnic, as well as some local products that piqued my curiosity (and opened my appetite!).

Potted meat preparations

Charcuterie remains a classic to complement outdoor meals. For their ease of transport and preservation, terrines and rillettes are essential for me, to be placed on a piece of bread or crackers. For vegans, the veggie pâté is just as delicious and will replace these potted meats.

The essentials for a successful picnic with local flavor

Chicken rillettes with birch syrup - Appalaches
Duck rillettes with beer – Les Canardises

A sweet spread

Nothing better than a confit, a spread or a jelly to accompany picnic dishes, especially if you like sweet and savory combinations. They go perfectly with meats and cheeses, and there are a variety of them.

The essentials for a successful picnic with local flavor

Pepper and Onion Spread – The Kitchen by Marie-Ève ​​Langlois
Cucumber and pink peppercorn jelly – Les Zempotés

A refreshing and festive beverage

I usually enjoy a good white wine or sparkling cider when I go on a picnic. However, if you are not fond of alcohol, there are several options, especially nowadays! Why not an apple must? Or a homemade lemonade? Even simpler: fruit-flavored water (a few slices of lemon and mint, you'll love it)!

The essentials for a successful picnic with local flavor

Blueberry Haskap Energizing Infusion - Mateina
Apple Clos (0.5%) – Cidrerie du Minot

Unusual pickles

Yes, you can bring stuffed manzanilla olives and sweet pickles. But it's also an opportunity to see what's being done in terms of marinades, because there's plenty to choose from! Almost all vegetables can be pickled, in addition to a few varieties of plants and flowers that abound in our Quebec forests.

The essentials for a successful picnic with local flavor

Marinated fiddleheads – Gourmet Sauvage
Olives marinated in blackcurrant wine – Cassis Monna et Filles

Simple desserts to share

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you will need at least one dessert to complete your picnic. Go for something easy to bring and share, like cookies, cupcakes and chocolate. Fruit also makes excellent healthier desserts, in addition to being delicious with the other foods in the meal (for example, melon and grapes go well with cheeses and cold cuts).

The essentials for a successful picnic with local flavor

Shortbread biscuits with fleur de sel caramel – French osti shortbread biscuits
Trio chocolate pearls – La Grande Gourmandise

Have a nice picnic and enjoy your summer!

Veronique Allard

Reviewed by MF Editorial

cover photo credit: Ron Lach

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