2 fois rien

2 times nothing: zero waste in all its simplicity

2 fois rien : le zéro déchet dans toute sa simplicité

With the rise in popularity of the zero-waste lifestyle and the increasing number of grocery stores announcing that they are no longer giving away plastic bags and are planning to offer bulk products, it is not surprising that a company manufacturing reusable products knows success on the Quebec market. A meeting with Lucie Laigre, owner and designer at 2 fois rien , gives us a glimpse of her wonderful little world of sewing and screen printing.

Love at first sight

2 times nothing

Lucie Laigre, founder of 2 fois rien Lucie Laigre has always loved sewing. Arriving in Quebec in 2013, the French-born entrepreneur started working for a small clothing repair shop where she pursued further training in sewing. She then had her first sewing machines given to her as a gift by her spouse and friends. Little by little, she bought industrial machines, which allowed her to further explore her passion and give her a real taste for work.

Having a background in applied arts, design, fashion, and space design, Lucie began to take an interest in screen printing in 2017. It was then that she had an ecological awareness and that she had the idea of ​​making zero waste more accessible, pleasant, and even fun. “With 2 times nothing, I want to make it pleasant and easy. »

She has therefore amalgamated her two passions and today offers various products in organic cotton or bamboo, to which she applies her screen printing techniques: bulk bags, bread/sandwich bags, washable cotton pads for the face.

A surge for the young company

2 times nothing

To launch her business, in the spring of 2018, Lucie joined the Facebook group “Vague de Concours – Québécois Creators”, which organizes a generalized wave of competitions in which approximately 700 designers participate each season. The opening of the business was then a resounding success, with the merchandise completely sold out after a week or two. " It's really important because it gives visibility. »

Having attracted a considerable audience during this first wave, Lucie found herself "in the juice" in September, barely six months after the launch of the company. In order not to be overwhelmed, Lucie has somewhat put the brakes on the “business development” department for this year. Working alone, she is limited in production, but is thinking of hiring someone to help her supply more in the next year or two.

Simplicity and accessibility at the center of 2 times nothing

The principle of the company is that it's "two times nothing" to make a small gesture for the planet, to go towards zero waste. “In the end, it's the small effort of each that is important. Through her work, Lucie tries to make the thing pleasant and easy to access.

2 times nothing

In terms of design, Lucie likes to add "a touch of fun" to her products by adding simple and pleasant animal graphics using screen printing. She puts forward a sense of minimalism and simplicity in the creation of her products to give them a natural and refined look.

A way of life like no other

2 times nothing

Of course, entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges. That said, Lucie believes she is well equipped to deal with them. “You have to be passionate, you have to love what you do, want to share it. She insists on the importance of not being discouraged and instead focusing on finding solutions during difficult times. Avoiding comparing herself to others, or falling into copying, is another strategy she uses. “You have to question yourself, but not too much either. You need to go forward. »

As for his schedule, it varies greatly, and that suits him well. She enjoys a flexible schedule, which she can change at will, and even says she is unable to make a "typical" day. That said, she makes sure to maintain a level of productivity that allows the business to be viable. His thing? “It's the limit between working all the time and fluttering. So she finds a happy medium, where she works at her own pace, without becoming overwhelmed.

After that?

2 times nothing

Lucie has now started its production intended to fill the stock of its partner stores for the holiday season, as well as for the Christmas markets in which it intends to participate, including the Christmas finds fair in Saint- Romuald . Her products are also available on Etsy and on her website .

And if it were up to her, she would open a workshop-boutique with a screen printing section at the back of the store and a bulk boutique section at the front. This would allow her to combine manufacturing, where she could indulge her passion, as well as the sale of local products in a zero waste mode. Who knows what the future holds...

Ariane Blondin

Reviewed by Marie-Pascale

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