Our 5 “cocooning” favorites from the Signé Local boutique

nos 5 coups de coeur cocooning de la boutique signé local

The Signé Local directory is full of companies, some more interesting than the others. Although we like to discover them via the web platform, there is nothing like being able to observe and touch them. Our collaborator therefore took advantage of her visit to Brossard a few weeks ago to visit the boutique located in Square Dix30.

As this fall season begins, we invite you to discover our favorites unearthed at the boutique.

1. Saponaria Eucalyptus Bubble Bath

Saponnaria bubble bath

I am an unconditional lover of baths. It is without a doubt my greatest guilty pleasure. As soon as the first chills are felt and the days get shorter, I take a good hot bath filled with foam to decompress after a long day of work. Saponaria 's eucalyptus bubble bath, made without chemicals, will undoubtedly be my new cold weather ally. On the website, we can read that the essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary are ideal for overcoming mental fatigue, improving mental clarity while helping alertness and concentration. Take me to a crate please!

2. Be-U body whipped cream

Be-U Body Whipped Cream

If, like me, your skin is dry and sensitive to temperature changes as we live now, you will be a fan of the Be-U body whipped cream. Made with water and coconut oil, the cream hydrates and nourishes your skin without leaving a greasy or oily finish. In addition, it is available in ten different fragrances, some of which are available at the Signé Local boutique. For my part, I admit to having a weakness for the green tea & lemon fragrance.

3. Essential oil diffuser bracelets from Bracel'essence

Bracelet diffuser bracel'essence

Bracel'essence is a company that manufactures diffuser jewellery. The properties of semi-precious stones are combined with those of essential oils to create bracelets combining aromatherapy, lithotherapy and chromotherapy. There is even a collection of bracelets and essential oils in the image of the zodiac signs!

4. Squash + spice candle from Pigeon Atelier

Atelier Pigeon Candle

To stay in the cocooning theme brought by the fall season, Pigeon Atelier candles are the home accessory par excellence. The candle with the aromas of squash and spices will certainly bring a gourmet atmosphere to your home.

5. Camellia Sinensis Chai Tea

camellia sinensis chai tea

Strangely, I notice that my choice of tea leaves usually follows the changing colors of the foliage in my neighborhood. While in the summer, I prefer a green tea or even a matcha, I rather opt for chaï as soon as the first redness appears in the trees. In terms of chai, the Camellia Sinensis tea house is hard to beat. They offer a complete range, Bistrol Chaï, inspired by their trip to India and adapted specifically to the preparation of chaï latte. The Arthur, the classic chai, remains one of my favorites.


Willow & Finigan tablet toothpaste

willow and finigan tablet toothpaste

Because cocooning also involves hygiene, I take this opportunity to introduce you to a product that immediately caught my attention: Willow & Finigan teeth cleaning tablets. In addition to their full range of zero waste and 100% natural body products, which include soaps, shampoos and bar conditioners, Willow & Finigan offers a toothpaste tablet. Although I haven't made the leap to zero waste toothpaste yet, I've been learning about the different options available for some time now. I plan to put this one to the test!

And you, what are your favorite local products to create a “cocooning” atmosphere at home?

Reviewed by Sandrine

Cover photo: Unsplah

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