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5+1 reasons to buy local

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Buying local is a subject that is increasingly discussed, whether in the media or in private discussions. We cannot ignore its impact on the economy, but also on other levels such as the environmental and social.

I list here the reasons that motivate my choice for this type of purchase.

1. A conscious choice for the environment

With multinationals and globalization, all productions, whether in textiles, agriculture, the arts and others, are decentralized and come from distant countries. This often leads to lower production costs, of course. But to transport these products, the environmental costs are greater.

Take into account sea, air and road transport, additional packaging to preserve food products, for example: all this can be avoided by buying local.

2. A source of creativity and exclusivity

And if instead of buying this umpteenth IKEA reproduction of a painting (which will not give a particular or original style to your home) you buy a painting by a small local painter exhibited in the corner café? Imagine how much you could reduce your ecological footprint with this purchase ! In addition, you would be original among your friends and you could tell the story behind the work. You would also have a unique work, made by a craftsman and not a reproduction.

You are served on the exclusivity side and you will support creativity!

oxyd-jibe canvas

Piece of art created by Jibé, of Oxyd Factory, thanks to torn and reconstituted posters.

3. Support for local creators and producers and local talent

Often these are life projects, projects born of the sweat and blood of these people. They put their savings into it and devote all their time to it. They see them as their babies, take risks to see them grow. The human side behind buying local is undeniable.

In addition, it is admirable to see people have the bravery to pursue their dreams with passion and perseverance. We can only want to encourage them and help them advance in their ambitions.

4. Support for the local economy

Take this situation: on Sunday, you want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. You decide to go to the Jean Talon Market , for example. There, you get strawberries and blueberries from Michel, apples from Isabelle, and tomatoes and cucumbers from Daniel and his friendly wife Josée.

All these beautiful people create jobs in their regions . They contribute to energizing their municipality, their region and their province.

5. A more human producer-consumer relationship

I gave you the example of the market for your food purchases. You could have met these local producers, learned about their stories, their love for the land, their sorrows and their joys, seen their pleasure by sharing with you a piece of their experience.

The next time you go back to the market, you will meet them again, you will hear from them. You'll be asked if you made that strawberry pie recipe you told them about before.

A warm human relationship will have been established . Tell me about the last time you talked to the person who produced those Mexico avocados you're eating right now?

6. Support for more ethical and fair businesses

The decentralization of production and processing is mainly due to lower labor costs. Unfortunately, what we are not told is that the working conditions and the remuneration of people in these countries are appalling. These people are not only vastly underpaid, but have no benefits or reasonable working hours. They are not unionized and sometimes work in dangerous conditions.

As a Quebecer, a citizen of the world, do you endorse these conditions? Probably not! Surely you support companies that offer respectful working conditions because you work in these conditions yourselves. Why wouldn't you want the same for another human being?

And you? Why do you buy local?

Reviewed by Maud Duchesne

Revisited in March 2021 by Ariane L

Cover: Signed Local

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