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My little urban chicken coop experience

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The day we brought Didi and Stella into our lives

At the start of the summer season, I wondered what more I could do to increase my production and consumption of local products. I have a small vegetable garden in my small suburban courtyard, but I always have to compensate with the markets since my crops are not enough to feed my family. But OK! It remains a hobby and not self-sufficiency.

urban hens

The idea of ​​owning chickens then began to germinate in my mind. Being able to harvest fresh eggs every morning would surely be a great experience for the children too. But now, even though urban chicken coops are becoming more and more popular, at the beginning of the summer there were no regulations in my city. Fortunately, for the past few weeks, it's been settled and chickens are accepted! In May, you could only own chickens if they didn't bother the neighbors.

The henhouse

After several hours scrolling through DIY chicken coop plans on Pinterest, I find the possibility of having one at a very good price, moreover, delivered to my home. My knowledge of carpentry being quite basic, I am very happy to find one that I only have to screw.

Laying hens

The chicken coop installed, my readings on the hens done, I feel ready to welcome our new residents. It is easy to find laying hens for sale. I found dozens of ads on a classified ad site. In addition, in general, chickens are not very expensive. Prices play between $15 and $20 depending on breed and breeder.

My choice stops on a farm on Île d'Orléans and, accompanied by my three-year-old son, I go to get my two hens.

On site, the short visit to the farm inspires several questions in my son, including that of knowing if a chick will hatch from its hen's egg. I leave the choice of hens to my boy and, very proud of himself, chooses a black one and a red one. He adopts the black one and leaves the redhead to his big sister.

Didi and Stella

Well settled, our hens who have been named Didi and Stella quickly acclimatize to their new environment since the next day, the first eggs are there. Since then, I have been looking for a thousand and one ways to cook the eggs that quickly accumulate in our refrigerator. My neighbors and my family are very happy to enjoy our fresh eggs too.

urban hens

Didi and Stella have been part of our lives for a few months now and I dread the moment when we will have to part with them when they no longer lay eggs; eating them is out of the question. But everything in its time, because for now, they produce more than we need, they amuse the children and entertain the friends and families who visit us.


The urban chicken coop is a great learning experience for both adults and children. And what a pleasure to see the children put on their boots every morning to collect the fresh eggs!

Feed is inexpensive and hens will eat almost anything. You can give them leftover vegetables, bread, or grass and they will love it.

In addition, they only need a minimum of care. Fifteen minutes a day is more than enough for me to clean and feed the hens.

Quickly, the hens attached themselves to us and vice versa. They recognize us and come to see us when we go to feed them and collect the eggs. They allow themselves to be petted by the children and are not afraid of our pets. The only downside, if there is one, is that one of my hens thinks she's a rooster in the morning.

Our residents will leave us temporarily to spend the winter in the warmth but we will certainly live another summer with Didi and Stella.

Reviewed by Maud Duchesne

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