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94 Celsius: Barista, a lifestyle

94 Celsius: Barista, un style de vie

On November 3, 94 Celsius , a micro-roaster in Montreal, blew out its first birthday candle. He is a passionate entrepreneur, open to the world, with an exemplary code of ethics, which I discovered during our phone call. We invite you to discover this company which has propelled itself among the great luxury roasters.

Combine your passions in a business project

Marc-Alexandre Emond-Boisjoly is the founder and sole manager of 94 Celsius. The entrepreneurial spirit had been burning in him for a long time, but he was waiting to find the idea that would fascinate him day after day before taking the plunge. He pursued studies in science with a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a master's degree in pharmacology. "It was by wanting to combine my passion for science with that for travel that the idea came to fruition", explains Marc-Alexandre, specifying that roasting coffee is a true art. The water temperature should be calculated and the growing environment examined. Traveling to the countries where coffee is grown makes it possible to meet the producers and select the coffee beans. In addition, Marc-Alexandre cultivates a strong interest in food and cooking. Founding your own company then seemed natural and 94 Celsius was born in 2017.

A launch in broad outline

To unveil his products to the general public and launch his business, Marc-Alexandre is targeting the highly reputed and selective souk @ sat trade show in Greater Montreal, which has taken place towards the end of November since 2003. Thanks to this presence and a traffic of thousands of people, his cafés took Montreal by storm and ensured immediate success for the company. This event opens the doors of several shops. Since then, 94 Celsius products have been enjoyed in several cafés and sold in fine grocery stores in the Montreal area. The company has a point of sale in Paris and continues to present its coffees in regional fairs and markets (Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, etc.). Thanks to his website, a few times a month, Marc-Alexandre sends products to the United States.

Open to the community

The entrepreneur wanted to develop a business project centered on the community, whether on the territory he occupies or in the countries of origin of his raw material. He aspires to follow the example of different models, including that of the entrepreneurs of Loop who use the “discarded fruits”. Many people have supported him since the beginning of his adventure and given him the courage to go further. “My creativity allows me to do a lot with few means and to use the strength of my network,” says Marc-Alexandre to explain the energy that inhabits him. In addition to taking time for himself, “to unwind and relax,” this entrepreneur reconciles his personal and professional life one day at a time by getting up early. He sees himself as “a reflection of what we project in the community, a driver of change. Over the past year, he has learned a lot about the client approach, about the importance of getting involved in his community and thus sharing his values ​​with his clientele. By selling its products, it allows its customers to consume more responsibly.

Business projects and ethics

One of the company's interesting products is its collection of specialty coffees which features female coffee makers from different countries. He plans to present one per quarter and succeeds despite the difficulties. Indeed, Marc-Alexandre must contact several people in the area and ask them about the active women producers in the territory in question. Then, he contacts them and checks samples of their products. When everything lines up, he chooses a woman and a coffee bean, he roasts his coffee and adds a unique product to the collection that is just as unique. Soon, you will be able to discover four products from the culture of four women on the company's website. Through this recognition towards these women, Marc-Alexandre develops the ethical side of his business. It gives a quality bonus to the producers, a bonus which helps them to access a better quality of life and which supports the production of coffee in the long term. Through his travels, Marc-Alexandre understood that the price set by the stock market for the purchase of coffee makes the survival of the land difficult in the long term. Producers must convert their production in order to acquire a better quality of life. By the simple fact of paying more, he ensures the continuity of production, the quality of the grain over a long period and a guaranteed income for his suppliers.

Marc-Alexandre is currently setting up a five-year project that will support a woman and her culture, in addition to conducting research and development on a lot he purchased in Salvador. This project is in line with his dream of buying a place in Colombia, setting up a house and a coffee production farm there to one day grow his raw material, carry out continuous research and development, and then import his coffee to Montreal in order to roast it. The entrepreneur has several projects in mind, just follow him in his projects to see how far he will propel 94 Celsius.

To find out more about the company, visit its member profile .

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