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In recent decades, trade has multiplied all over the world. Exporting and importing has broken down the physical borders of countries. Today, the exchange of goods and services is passing yet another milestone: online sales. Born from the conjunction of an increasingly strong globalization and increasingly efficient high technologies, what is called e-commerce is revolutionizing the mode of international consumption by attracting more and more followers. But what about the Quebec market? Is e-commerce integrated? The following article seeks to demystify online sales and its place in Quebec commerce.

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Surprising disillusionment

Contrary to the impression that social networks give us, Quebec companies are much less present on the web than we might think. In fact, according to 2013 statistics, less than half of Quebec businesses are present on the Internet and only one eighth of them sell online (Jolicœur, 2013, par. 8). According to a CEFRIO report, this last statistic would have increased to around one fifth in 2018, i.e. from 12.5% ​​to 21% (CEFRIO, 2018, para. 7). The low presence of Quebec businesses on the Internet is explained in particular by the "systematic taxation of online purchases", "higher delivery costs" and the "inability of small retailers to develop a website", according to Trendex, " an American marketing research consultant specializing in retail” (Jolicoeur, 2013, para. 9).

A few shortcomings in the product offering are hindering the emergence of prolific online sales in Quebec. However, this phenomenon can also be explained by consumer-related factors. The latter does not prioritize buying local when purchasing products online. He prefers well-known international sales sites to Quebec companies which, because of their great popularity, can charge less (Jolicoeur, 2013, para. 28). When the average shopper turns to the web, it is to avoid the chaos of large shopping centers and find the best deals possible (Manière, 2013).

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Development solutions

How can the merchant counter the web exodus of consumers? By focusing on top-of-the-range customer service. It must be efficient, fast, user-friendly and personalized at the same time. The client must be addressed by the interface. But above all, the essential point of online commerce is delivery. Consumers want the shortest possible delivery times at the lowest possible price. This is where large multinationals have an advantage over smaller companies. The latter must then rely on incomparable product and customer service quality to compete with the web giants (CEFRIO, 2018, para. 3).

Also, the collectivization of companies on the same sales site is certainly an avenue to explore for Quebec creators. By coming together on the same commercial platform, artists can showcase their works while separating the costs of putting them online. In addition, people less comfortable with the Internet are able to get support and help for the virtual expansion of their market. Finally, the more artists come together, the greater their sphere of influence, which can only bring more clients to each of the members of this association.

Since June 2017, Signé Local offers the largest online store of quality Quebec products . About 140 local businesses currently offer their products on this platform. Delivery is free everywhere in Quebec and customer service is unparalleled. This is the ideal option for those wishing to find a variety of locally designed products and for entrepreneurs wishing to sell their product online while minimizing costs.

Selling online has its advantages. Hosting your online store is much cheaper than renting a room. Being on the web also allows you to reach a larger clientele by expanding the area covered by the promotion. Internet having no physical limits, it is possible to reach consumers located in more remote areas. Being online therefore allows you to increase your visibility at a lower cost.


A crucial sales medium in the technological era, it is essential that e-commerce be further developed in Quebec. Quebec companies must join this movement to promote their know-how on the web, but also to encourage Quebec buyers to consume locally even on the Internet, instead of turning to the great virtual business empires. Online sales are the future, fortunately or unfortunately, of merchant-consumer relations. Quebec must join this movement as much to offer itself new market opportunities as to curb multinationals which often do not respect the principles of trade equity.

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