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At human height: virtual reality at the service of custom design

À hauteur d'homme : la réalité virtuelle au service du design sur mesure

At Signé Local, I'm not the only one interested in the company À Height d'homme and its founder! Sometime in April, Eveline had the chance to interview Louis-Philippe Pratte to discuss his vision of entrepreneurship and the path he has traveled since starting his custom cabinetmaking business, some time ago. almost 8 years. The article also reports on the social and human dimension of the company, which I myself witnessed during my interview, which focused specifically on a new technology used by the company.

Tailor-made design with virtual reality

Last March, we learned on the Hh Facebook page that a new virtual reality (VR) service would soon be available for the company's customers. This service is now in place in beta until September. "In concrete terms, using specific RV glasses, the customer will be able to confirm or refute his choices of layout, volume or types of finish when designing his kitchen or custom furniture. to tell me the business manager during our telephone interview.

According to Louis-Philippe Pratte, "this 3D modeling will allow customers to better understand the proposed design by showing them an image that is not real but faithfully representative of reality". Rather than a 2D plan, which lets the consumer make their own mental representation of the concept presented, the bespoke design service with virtual reality automatically allows the entire proposal to be understood (depth, location, texture, etc.) .

By putting the glasses on his nose, the client will be able to swivel, look up and down and left and right to see the scale of the project. As the entrepreneur made me understand, “it's an immersive solution that places the person in the middle of their future development to validate the proposed design. In the spirit of sustainable design that is at the heart of the company, this technology makes it possible to make the right choices that will please the buyer over time.

Sustainable development

The company's efforts to promote sustainable development are reflected in the high-end orientation of the products, which are also guaranteed for life . Moreover, Louis-Philippe Pratte also tells me that "the choice of quality and low-emission materials, the use of an ecological oil as a finish, the manufacturing directly in Montreal with local woods (that, we like!) and À Haut d'homme's commitment to planting trees annually” is very important. These are all gestures that reflect the Montreal company's respect for the environment.

For a design neophyte like me, this is a non-negligible option. Reading (and understanding!) the layout plan is a very real problem for me, and that is precisely why Louis-Philippe Pratte and his team are offering us this technological solution. By offering this service, A Height of Man adds added value to its bespoke design service. We bet that we will still hear about it after September!

Reviewed by: Maud Duchesne

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