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Djinn syrups: At the heart of the company

Djinn sirops : Au coeur de l'entreprise

This summer, I'm going to have to stick to mocktails and non-alcoholic beers. Quite honestly, I'm doing very well. While browsing on the Djinn syrups site, in the recipe section , I realized that they offered several alcohol-free cocktails. I'm not talking about non-alcoholic versions, like rum and coke virgin ! No. Real mocktails , designed for everyone!

Djinn syrups are two Quebecers: Boris Sem and Stéphanie Pham. Boris is a biochemist, he is the “creator of flavors”. Stéphanie is the communications pro and “recipe creator”. It was with one voice that they told me about their company and their passion. Surrounded by their family and friends, the two entrepreneurs work hard to offer a quality Quebec product. They tell me that it is the day before the markets that they do their production in order to offer a fresh and quality product.

Credit: Djinn syrups

Two passionate foodies

On the phone, it was only natural that we discussed their company and their products. Boris tells me how Djinn syrups was born. First, he describes himself as “passionate about mixology” and he has worked in the restaurant industry. Then, from there, he says: “I started making homemade cocktails for the guests. I was making my own simple syrup (sugar boiled in water), but something was missing. I was looking for a way to make simple syrup better. Then the idea of ​​cold pressing and raw syrup came.

You should also know that the two entrepreneurs are foodies ! While strolling through the restaurants of Montreal, they were inspired by the chefs. In the same way, Boris likes to draw inspiration from colors to create his syrups. For example, green inspired him for the “apple cucumber lime” syrup. He also likes to amalgamate flavors, sweet and bitter, and also play on taste.

Credit: Djinn syrups

Improved simple syrups

In recent years, Stéphanie and Boris have noticed the renewed interest in cocktails. The bartenders offer marvels that make our mouths water. We are far from sex on the beach ! Wondering why some bartenders manage to create wonders while yours is a sure flop? Often it's just a matter of ingredients!

The two entrepreneurs explain to me that they wanted to stand out and offer a product made locally, fresh, raw, natural and healthy. It is therefore by hand, one peel at a time, that the two accomplices create their products. Pressing and cold maceration, this whole process makes it possible “not to add water, to keep the vitamins and nutrients, and to reject a little sugar”, explains the creator of flavors. Indeed, their syrups contain 50% less sugar than a normal simple syrup.

Credit: Djinn syrups

As for their products, he explains to me: “we always have a classic selection year-round, like lychee, grapefruit”. They also allow themselves the pleasure of creating temporary flavors: “Right now, we have pineapple, vanilla, rosemary. We take feedback into account, it could become a classic”, explains Boris. This summer? They don't know yet, maybe the return of the watermelon, lemon, thyme syrup that had been particularly appreciated or a new flavor simmering in Boris's head?

Improving the mocktail

They also wanted to “promote the mocktail , give it its own identity…”, says Boris. “We go to bars and we notice that there are few mocktails ,” he adds. On their site, the recipes created by Stéphanie aim to “give everyone the choice to drink products”. “We want to offer all varieties to people,” they tell me.

Credit: Djinn syrups

Head full of projects

After the " Djinn! " Djinn! » in collaboration with a Montreal illustrator, the desire to encourage local creators is always present. They also plan to release, at the request of customers, tasting kits with classic flavors in 4oz format. Then, great news will be announced to us at the beginning of June!

Obviously, the two continue to dream: “my dream is to open a mocktail bar. We did one last summer at the 2016 YUL EAT Festival at the Quai de l'Horloge, it gave us the taste". Stéphanie also dreams of this rustic New York-style bar.

Credit: Djinn syrups

In the meantime, you can enjoy their pop-up mocktail bar tomorrow, May 20, at Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier Park ! As for me, I risk taking advantage (read: abusing) of this elixir to flavor my mocktails , my water, my meals, my summer!

Also, you can fall in love, like me, by visiting their member page !

Cover: Djinn syrups

Reviewed by: Louise Lanctôt

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