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Activités familiales à faire à la maison_Signé Local

With the confinement and the cold of winter, we necessarily spend a lot of time indoors. Finding activities to entertain children at home is not always easy!

If inspiration is lacking, here are some ways to have fun with your family thanks to Signé Local member companies that offer educational, different activities that encourage the local economy!

Color in an activity book

A simple hobby, but excellent for the development of the child and to soothe the stress of the adult! We have a crush on the Paperole set , which includes a Playground coloring and activity book, a Grilled Cheese coloring magazine and a set of 12 colored pencils. Impossible to get bored with all that!

Have fun with a board game

To make a change from the classic games with which we have played a million times and which we know by heart, why not integrate a Quebec board game into your collection? There is a panoply of little-known and yet so fun games! I invite you to discover the company Jeux Face4 , which is at the origin of Espace Cachée , Kiddi , Répète? and Sul'bord d'la 20 (my favorite!). Beautifully illustrated and educational games that will undoubtedly allow you to have a great time with your family!

Build paper toys

What I love about this concept is that kids learn to cut, fold and assemble a toy that they can then use or collect. Two activities for the price of one! Toys Hartiatoys offers a variety of themed sets with which to create about a dozen "Couplicoles" (the term given to these paper toys). Insects, firefighters, princesses, farm animals; there is everything to satisfy the interests of each child.

Decorate (and eat!) pop cakes

A great way to pass the time while having fun! Sugar Mamie is offering LOP POP! ready-to-eat cakes that just need to be placed on a stick, coated in chocolate and decorated with the various toppings provided. The important thing is not how the cake looks, but having fun decorating it!

Create your own beeswax wrap

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, beeswax food wraps are reusable and compostable. Made of fabric and wax, they are quite simple to make. Atessa Boutique offers a DIY set with all the materials needed to create three pretty wrappers that should last six to twelve months, depending on how you use them.

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