Valentine's Day: 3 ideas for a day under the sign of slow and care

3 idées pour une Saint-Valentin sous le signe du slow et du care

Sunday. Valentine's Day arrives during this day which is a sign of cocooning. Take advantage of it. Give your couple time. Pay attention to your relationship. And above all, do it gently. In simplicity. Here are three revisited ideas that will allow you to feel, the moment of a date, as in the song Des ombres et des lanternes by Alexandre Poulin.

3 ideas for a Valentine's Day under the sign of slow and care

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Write me words that ring

No more cards bought at the local pharmacy and the little signature like “how lucky to have you in my life, I love you” or “I wish us another happy new year”. This time, the correspondence with your valentine or your valentine becomes a couple activity.

To achieve this, we take advantage of a calm morning or an evening without technology to write sincere words. Whether it is in the form of a review of your last year, projects to be carried out in the next 12 months or even uncertainties that have been camouflaged so far, this exercise is meant to be a time out to take care of yourself.

Do not hesitate to add a few drops of essential oils in a diffuser and play a playlist of Quebec songs, or why not, a virtual show by an artist who makes you vibrate.

Valentine's Day, favorites by Signé Local


Pigeon Atelier Letterpress

Sunny croissants for lunch

The extent and complexity of this activity depends on your situation. It may be a little less realistic for parents to lock themselves away for two hours to have breakfast in bed… You just have to find the right balance and give yourself the right to take some time for your couple.

Small suggestion: turn your guest room into a hotel room. The simple fact of verbalizing the sentence “tonight we sleep at the hotel” pleasantly modifies the atmosphere. Obviously, if you can book a real night at the hotel, I encourage you to do so. Times are tough for this industry and hoteliers are vying for originality to offer you all kinds of experiences. Do not hesitate to slip into your suitcase a few sweet treats from Quebec.

To make this moment of sweetness last, don't hesitate to book glued-glued. The authors of Quebec will know how to bring you into their world. Out of ideas? Check out The Booksellers . Not a big fan of reading? So why not take advantage of this early morning for a yoga session as a couple? Several teachers are offering online courses at the moment. Do a little research on social networks, you will certainly find it in a few minutes.

Valentine's Day, favorites by Signé Local


Miss Marmalades

Tonight love is in your eyes

Intimacy in times of a pandemic is not experienced in the same way by all couples. While for some this has had the effect of bringing them closer and uniting them, other dyads suffer from wear and tear, fatigue and loss of desire. No matter your situation, listen to each other.

Lingerie can be a pretext to invite sensuality to the party. The choice of these clothes can also become an interesting couple activity, yes even if the shopping is done online. Open the discussion about everyone's tastes, fabrics and favorite cuts. A little in the meditative form, with your partner, verbally describe how the garment will fall on your body, how it will enhance you. This will make waiting for the delivery man even more exciting.

If, in your relationship, adult toys and accessories are welcome, take a look at Quebec companies like Désirables , which “offers a more ethical and responsible alternative and more in harmony with the erotic reality of couples”.

Valentine's Day, favorites by Signé Local

ary pastel

Ary Pastel


Happy Valentine day.

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