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ADzif: The new KAMELEON wallpaper

ADzif : Le nouveau papier peint KAMELEON

When we think of wallpaper, we automatically think of complexity. Roller, water, bucket, precision, labor, sticking, peeling, repositioning… Nothing sounds like a light project to do on a nice Friday night. BUT! That time is now over. With its new product Kameleon, a fabric wallpaper with a matte finish and textured like linen, the ADzif brand redefines the typical product. You can get this new decorating must-have with other unique items at Gautier Studio.

Credit: Adzif

Let's talk practical

The operation is more than simple. It does not require endless preparation. A simple dry and dust-free surface guarantees successful installation. What adds appeal to Kameleon wallpaper is that it is prepasted with an adhesive that does not damage the surface. Even better, it is repositionable over a period of six months.

So, those who don't have the compass in their eye will be in heaven! If you're not happy with your setup, no problem. You remove and reposition. If you are a tenant, you can proceed with the installation knowing that in due time, you will be able to remove everything without hassle. Or, if your tastes change with the seasons, presto! you remove in one place to create a new space elsewhere. Go ahead, it's almost unlimited.

Credit: Adzif

Let's talk design

In general, practicality rarely rhymes with style. Again, ADzif is aiming for more than just the Kameleon range. The collection offers sixty visuals, all as trendy as each other. There is something to please the most demanding! After consulting the available patterns, I find it difficult to stop my choice on only one. On each, we find personality, burst hues, soft nuances and vitality.

  1. The furniture

The good thing about repositioning is all the possible options of use. Combined with this, we must not forget the user-friendly format offered which is 1.22 mx 0.61 m (4 ft x 2 ft). We can thus use the tiles to upgrade an obsolete piece of furniture by adding a little colorful punch . Personally, I can easily imagine harmonizing my old dies with my current decor using this product. Why not cover an old chest and create a toy trunk? You can also emphasize a wall by installing a section of Kameleon.

  1. The walls

If the wallpaper mentally brings back bittersweet memories, opt for the gradual initiation. Frame a few carefully selected pieces of wallpaper to accent a bedroom wall. You will be conquered!

  1. The backsplash

You have always dreamed of a unique kitchen backsplash, but you have neither the time nor the talent to carry out your project. A simple application of this textured vinyl and you're done! The product cleans easily and is water resistant. The transformations and uses are at the limit of the imagination.

  1. Stairs

Your staircase is monotonous and old-fashioned? Instead of changing everything and giving in to major repairs, embellish your risers with Kameleon. The look will be changed at once!

Credit: Adzif

Let's talk budget

In addition to all the above advantages, the price should not be overlooked. A product of such high quality at such an attractive price offers a more than winning solution for the consumer. To give an idea of ​​size, covering a wall of 3.05 mx 2.44 m (10 ft x 8 ft) requires ten tiles according to the calculator available on the website. At $38 per tile, you can cover a wall and get a unique look for $380. If you change your mind often, simply remove and install somewhere else when a new project crosses your mind. Since there are no labor costs and the product can be reused, you will have no regrets about wanting to upgrade it.

In short, the Kameleon range from ADzif makes it possible to restore style to objects or rooms. We can afford the coveted living spaces on Pinterest without hurting the budget too much. And you, how would you use it?

Reviewed by Marie-Eve Patry

Cover: Adzif

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