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Mistik: we tried!

Mistik : on a essayé!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who likes having beautiful, freshly washed hair: the next day, I'm floating on a little cloud. What I like even more about a product is knowing that my children can almost eat it as the list of ingredients looks like a grocery list and that these are not tested on animals. Mistik has taken up a great challenge: to create a line of 100% natural, 0% toxic hair products, concocted right here in Montreal with ingredients grown in our Quebec fields, resulting in beautiful silky hair for several days. No kidding.

When I received the well-filled box, an explanatory leaflet informed me that there is an adaptation period of about two to three weeks for hair that is usually washed with a more "chemical" shampoo. The hair will go through a detox with a small lather, and when the process is complete, a nice big lather will be seen. I specify it here as my hair was already in good care of natural products, I could not observe the phenomenon.

Shampoos, conditioner and serum: the tests

In my super tester box, I received a good part of their range of products: a hair serum, their four shampoos (for normal, dry, brittle and fine hair), a conditioner for normal hair. So I gave myself the mission of finding the right combo for my hair, and, to push the tests as much as possible, then disperse the remaining products around me to give you an opinion on each product. I take it very seriously!

Mistik Credit

blueberry normal hair

I first tested the blueberry one for normal hair, with the corresponding conditioner. First reaction (which my daughter shared): Can I eat it? The smell is reminiscent of a casket of Saguenay blueberries, it's disconcerting. The hair keeps the smell well and is really silky afterwards. Unfortunately, my hair gets greasy with no shampoo, and the beautiful blue bottle and conditioner were no exception. So I went for Orchid Fine Hair Shampoo Without Conditioner, and it was the perfect match.

Fine Orchid Hair

With the volumizing option, I was able to maintain a cycle of washes every two days. I also noticed that my hair finally seemed to grow: it's really nice! The smell is just as present, much more floral for this one. My daughter also has very fine hair and the product has the same effect in her mini hair (it's so cute!).

Maple Brittle Hair

My shampoo tester for brittle hair, Jacynthe, loved how silky, shiny and light her hair felt, even two days later. She would like the smell to last longer though, it smells so good! She didn't need to use the conditioner, as she felt her hair was quite moisturized.

Goji berry dry hair

Sandy, to whom I entrusted the bottle for dry hair, fell in love with it: the incredible smell is a recurring feature! The usual space between her shampoos is a week, she was also able to keep it. Her ends are split, so she told me she wanted to buy the option for brittle hair because she loves Mistik.

Blueberry Normal Hair Conditioner

All conditioners in the range are recommended as a hair mask once a week to properly repair and nourish our hair. During my tests, I found that it made my hair super soft and shiny without being heavy, and that it lengthened the duration of the smell of Lac Saint-Jean in my hair. Yum!

blueberry hydro serum

I'm not one to put a lot of products in my hair, so my knowledge of this level is close to nothing. It was therefore a little excited that I tried the serum, especially since in the explanatory leaflet, it is specified that it does not make the hair greasy or sticky. So I applied it three times, either before blow-drying my hair (as the serum also protects against heat), on my dry hair, and before styling my bangs. In all three cases, my hair looked like it had just come out of the hairdresser and smelled divine. It feels like the serum is absorbed right into the hair: no residue, just shine and softness plus a great hold. This little bottle, I keep it for myself!

Love at first sight for Mistik

I loved testing (and sending to test) these products, and I found a winning combo! The products are beautiful both inside and out, but we all noticed having to use a large amount of the products for a satisfactory wash as it is very liquid (3-4 pump strokes). A very small point to improve, in my opinion, as perfection is not of this world.

My graphic designer fiber can only be exalted by the neat finish of the bottle and the aesthetics of the label, and my grainy-green side loves that the ingredients are 100% natural, vegetable, biodegradable and from renewable sources. They are also vegan, and not tested on animals. In the ingredients, we find yucca, a millennial and pure vegetable cleanser, so we are not outdone compared to commercial shampoos! I would therefore say that Mistik shampoos are a superb alternative to chemical shampoos, in addition to having the pride of treating your hair with ingredients that come from us.

You can order Mistik products via their website or outright buy them at Pharmaprix, where they have been available since 2016 (a first in Canada for a natural shampoo to find itself side by side with the big brands).

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