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Cokluch mini: at the heart of the company

Cokluch mini : au coeur de l'entreprise

In one of the boroughs of Montreal, more precisely at 410, rue Villeray, there are real little treasures, the Cokluch and Cokluch Mini boutiques. I had the pleasure of chatting with Christine and Laurie, the two wonderful cokluchettes behind these gems.

An idea and a start

The two businesswomen set up the Cokluch boutique almost ten years ago. It was when Laurie became the mother of a little girl, three years ago, that the idea of ​​Cokluch Mini germinated in her head. She wanted to develop collections for children. The reason was simple, she couldn't find a crush on what the market was already offering. As Christine was not yet immersed in the world of motherhood, she let her partner decide on the guideline of the project. What they were looking for: “A sober and wicked look, but with character”. At first glance, we can say that it's mission accomplished!

At present, Laurie is mainly dedicated to creating the Mini line. Christine, who does not yet experience this reality, concentrates on bosses and production. We bet that the six-month-pregnant mother-to-be will quickly want to get involved in production when she better understands the needs of toddlers.

Credit: Maxime Desbiens for Cokluch Mini

challenges and successes

As seasoned entrepreneurs, Christine and Laurie think they know what they're getting into when they launch the mini collection. Reality catches up to them at a gallop. The world of fashion for women is far from being the same as that for children. For women, it is easier to set a fair price. For the two entrepreneurs, there are a lot of compromises to be made to conquer this market, without falling into the ease of cutting on quality. They try to reduce certain small details, which allows them to reduce prices.

The main advantage when people come to the store to make their purchases is the presence and visibility of the workshop. Since all their products are made and tested on site, it is easier to make customers aware of the value of products produced here. In addition to opting for superior quality local fabrics printed in Montreal, they ensure the quality of what they sell by carrying out tests in the workshop.

They listen to customers and understand that care labels are rarely realistic. Everything is therefore pre-washed so that the pieces do not shrink. They also ensure resistance to drying for the mini market. They go out of their way to stand out.

Despite everything, their daily challenge is to fight against the big brands that can offer a similar product at a price three times lower. However, they are not let down. As Christine says, “we believe in it because we are passionate about it”. They are proud to say that the majority of their customers buy because they have fallen in love with the brand. Since Cokluch Mini's clothes do not represent 100% of children's wardrobes, it allows it to be positioned as a treat or, as the two founders put it so well, as "the beautiful little kit that offers itself as a gift ".

Credit: Maxime Desbiens for Cokluch Mini

A charming concept

Currently, the Cokluch Mini Summer 2017 collection can be found in dozens of points of sale across Quebec. You can also get the clothes, as well as certain exclusives, such as sizes 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 that are not sold elsewhere, via the Boutique on rue Villeray or online.

By having their workshop-boutique, this allows Christine and Laurie to have a beautiful showcase to have fun with their visuals and they are very proud of it. To create a great synergy and complete their Cokluch Mini clothing and accessories, the two women offer items from several other Quebec designers. In fact, there are nearly thirty of them, from Baltic Club to Veille sur toi.

Whether it's for an illustration, slippers, a unique onesie, skin care products and so on, everything is there to satisfy your little ones. Believe me, a visit is a must! I am still amazed at the quantity and quality that can be found under one roof.

Credit: Maxime Desbiens for Cokluch Mini

Projects and more

For some time now, the workshop-boutique has been offering activities for the little ones. Just recently, children could strike a pose during a photo shoot for Mother's Day. As a bonus, parents had the option of purchasing the sets used for the session at a discount. Last Saturday there was an activity with Couleur-moi. Coloring wall drawing contest and exclusives were on the agenda. Given the enthusiasm, they will definitely repeat with several other activities. To be continued!

Phew! Be on the lookout, because for the tenth anniversary of Cokluch, the enthusiasts are concocting something great! Until then, this weekend, June 15-16-17, there will be a workshop sale of old collections. The girls were excited to announce that, exceptionally, they were going to include the Cokluch Mini collections.

Credit: Maxime Desbiens for Cokluch Mini

Finally, the biggest wish of cokluchettes for the future is that people are aware of Quebec creations. We add to this that they want to develop more and more points of sale to make the brand grow and get to know it.

If you can't get around to see all the beauty of their showcase, their shop and their workshop, I invite you to go and consult their member file .

Reviewed by Marie-Eve Patry

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