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Les as du fumoir

Whether gourmet or simple, our recipes almost always require the addition of condiments to enhance their flavor. It is possible to add a special touch to a recipe thanks to a smoky bouquet. From now on, this addition is easy and delicious thanks to a range of smoked seasonings offered by a very young Quebec company: Les As du Fumoir .

Smoking belongs to the group of the three oldest food preservation processes, along with salting and drying. Nowadays, it is rather the taste aspect of smoking that we are looking for.

Since the spring of 2017, following training in business launch, Frédérick Martel-Leech and Josianne Viau have created the company Les As du Fumoir . Located in the small town of Bury, in the Eastern Townships, this company specializes in the artisanal production of smoked and flavored seasonings. This business idea came about naturally: "I have always cooked and I have been making my smoked meats for a long time", emphasizes Frédérick.


Josianne Viau and Frédérick Martel-Leech, co-owners of Les As du Fumoir.

Think, experiment and create flavors

After only a few months in operation, the company far exceeds its initial predictions. "Although I knew that our idea was far from crazy, I never thought it would go so fast," says Josianne. This great momentum is easy to understand when talking with the owners and tasting the many products. Frédérick and Josianne are constantly researching to create and offer new flavors to their customers. The variety and versatility of their products quickly created a craze among buyers across the province.

Les As du Fumoir offers an interesting range of seasonings: smoked salts and peppers, spice blends, flavored smoked salts, oil, smoked maple sugar and smoked honey. Beyond the artisanal production of these aromas (with a wood-fired oven and not an electric one), the company aims for local supply. The maple sugar, honey and garlic scapes are sourced locally (Haut St-François) and the herbs are purchased from a Quebec supplier.

Elevate the dining experience in a jiffy

The many flavors prepared by Les As du Fumoir are easy to use. You can, for example, incorporate smoked maple sugar into the cooking of brie cheese or ham, add smoked salt and pepper to salmon steaks or prepare a vinaigrette by incorporating a touch of smoked honey. Spicy, sweet, savory and all with a smoky twist, these seasonings turn a simple recipe into a taste experience that propels us beyond the ordinary.

On their Facebook page, Les As du Fumoir provide many recipes and ways to use these delicious condiments.

It should be noted that the As du Fumoir offer their products in various regional and provincial markets and events. You can also purchase products via the company's Facebook page and website .

To learn more about Les As du Fumoir, do not hesitate to visit their member page at Signé Local.

Revised September 2021 by Ariane L.

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