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Sandrine Chabert cosmetics, research at the heart of creativity

Sandrine Chabert cosmétiques, la recherche au coeur de la créativité

One of the beautiful observations that I make, the more the years advance, it is that people are more and more sensitive to the importance of what they consume. Everything we use or eat in our daily life affects, in addition to our health, the planet. This awareness, Sandrine Chabert , with whom we had the pleasure of talking to us, did it 10 years ago.

Sandrine Chabert, self-taught

From the start, Sandrine consumed organic food, having decided to eliminate the “chemical” from her life. As a great autodidact, she began by replacing cleaning products with those she designed herself. So quickly, soap, toothpaste, shampoo and even makeup are replaced: "I replaced one by one, by hand, all the products". She manages to concoct everything in a self-sufficient way by going herself to pick the plants required for her achievements.

Given her growing level of knowledge, she decided to set up workshops to teach lovers of natural products how to create their own products and thus "show people that it can be done, everyone is capable". Despite the workshops, people still seek to obtain the products already made. As she brings it up, people are excited to create the product once, but quickly find the task daunting.

She therefore decides to put a stop to the workshops,while continuing to educate people on the do it yourself via her blog .

The trigger

4 years ago, a lady from the region, who knew Mrs. Chabert for her handmade products, contacted her to make her an organic lipstick. Having terminal cancer, she wants to get her hands on a product made in Quebec and natural, but the offer is almost non-existent. It is following this experience that Sandrine gave herself the mission of offering unique cosmetics.

At first, she found the task very difficult: “I started from my recipes, it seemed huge to me”. It is therefore full of ambitions and supported by her 20 years of experience that she rolls up her sleeves. She opted for a business start-up course to lay the foundations of what would become her business.

Sandrine Chabert

Credit: Sandrine Chabert

Research, lots of research

His journey is punctuated by research, a lot of research. Whether it is to find new suppliers, for the packaging or the organic products that make up the final product. She explains: “I do everything on my own, I am a designer, graphic designer, accountant, marketing, I take care of my social networks, I am a great team, I still support myself!”

But it is above all the raw materials that require great attention. Among other things, she does not want any synthetic perfume. She therefore opts for various oils, such as monoi. Also, Sandrine wants to encourage Quebec, which has welcomed her so well, and she takes up the challenge: most of her suppliers are local, with the exception of castor oil, which is not produced here and is therefore imported from 'Africa.

In addition, Sandrine wishes to keep the human aspect of her production: “it is important that it be done by hands, not by machines”.

Sandrine Chabert

Credit: Sandrine Chabert


For this entrepreneur, creativity takes a big place in her daily life. In fact, given the impressive costs associated with specialized machines, it has no choice but to innovate. She decides to divert her kitchen instruments to design her products. And it's kind of funny to think that face powder is made in a food processor and lipstick in a chocolate pot!

As she takes care of everything, from marketing to design, she has full confidence in what she offers: "I love it so much and I have so much confidence in my products that I have no misery to put my pay into it.”

Organic and vegan ingredients

As organic products take an important place in Sandrine's life and values, it is normal to think that her cosmetics are Ecocert certified. Unfortunately, this is not the case given the investment it requires. On the other hand, by obtaining its cosmetics, we are assured that the product contains organic ingredients, which is already worth a lot!

Sandrine attaches great importance to the ingredients she uses. For example, if the pigments cannot be organic, she at least takes the trouble to choose mineral pigments such as ocher and clay. Moreover, she also refuses to use the cochineal red pigment , since it is an insect. Moreover, its products are not tested on animals.

In addition to lipsticks, Sandrine Chabert cosmetics offers foundations, glosses, tan powders and almond oil make-up removers. Its foundation powder, in particular, is already in demand even before it has been launched! His testers wait in line to get this “high coverage” product. Once again, Sandrine prioritizes healthy ingredients and chooses them sparingly: her lipstick contains only five ingredients!

Sandrine Chabert

Credit: Sandrine Chabert

For more…

Several ideas are germinating in the mind of this seasoned entrepreneur. She also wants to develop nail polishes. However, it is not so simple considering what is required for the base. She wants to put all her energies into the development of new products.

Many projects for expansion as much for the location as for the staff are taking shape for this great company. We can only hope for Sandrine that her dream is achieved and that she is recognized as the best makeup artist in Quebec!

For more information on this natural and benevolent brand, it's here.

Reviewed by Eveline

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