Brin Brun: at the heart of business

Brin Brun : au cœur des entreprises

Have you ever wanted to try a new creative project but didn't really know what to buy and where to start? The refreshing Julie Maron and Julie Rachel Baril, co-founders of Brin Brun, have made it their mission to make your creative and well-being moments simple and accessible. The company offers DIY-type craft kits for a range of do-it-yourself projects: recycled paper, candles, dog leash and collar, plant hanger, scrunchies, and more. That's not all: all the materials used are reusable, recyclable, second-hand or natural.

Learn more about the company by reading the following interview, where Julie and Julie Rachel talk about their journey as entrepreneurs and the path they have traveled since the beginnings of Brin Brun.

Julie Maron and Julie Rachel Baril, founders of Brin Brun

How would you describe Brin Brun in one sentence?

Brin Brun is a wellness creativity influencer. We want to inspire people to take time for themselves and create.

Who are you and why did you choose this field?

We are both designers by profession. What fascinates us above all in this job is the creative side. It was during our last job in a company, before founding Brin Brun, that we met. We quickly became friends, since we shared common values ​​and similar observations on society. Over the course of our discussions, while we were still working in the fashion industry, we came to the conclusion that through our current profession, we were helping women, but only for a short time, since fashion is ephemeral. So we asked ourselves what we could do to have a greater impact and contribute to society. After an individual journey, each on our side, we decided to join forces to build a project that would be useful to people. We complement each other so well that it was natural to join forces to move towards this common goal together.

Candle manufacturing, Brin Brun

What is the trigger that pushed you to go into business?

We both had hobbies that made us feel good in our free time and had the desire to transmit this passion for creativity and well-being through a project useful to society. Quickly, we realized that creative projects are not always easily accessible. We wanted to make these projects accessible to everyone and make the person who makes them proud. At the start, we weren't sure, individually, that we wanted to go into entrepreneurship. We decided to give ourselves a period of three months to see if our idea was viable. And it was once our hands were in that we realized that there was really interesting potential and that we liked it too! This is really the trigger behind the creation of Brin Brun.

What is the most significant moment in your career as an entrepreneur?

I believe the most significant moment is when we entered our studio in May 2022, only a few months after making the decision to create Brin Brun. Our first months of entrepreneurship were very busy and the opening of our workshop was the first more tangible element allowing us to visualize our achievement. It was really remarkable.

Another highlight is the official launch of Brin Brun in September 2022 with our friends and families. The reaction and the support of those around us were a great success.

behind the scene, Brin Brun

What motivates you at work right now?

(Julie Rachel): I work mainly on the sales side, so what motivates me the most right now is establishing partnerships with companies that share the same values ​​as us and who believe in our mission. Seeing our products on sale in shops that we admire and building a relationship of trust and sharing with these partners is the best motivation for me.

(Julie): The thing that motivates me the most is when I manage to find a new solution for a product and imagine the customers having a great time doing this creative project at home. Also, I love teaching and I love learning new things, so even if it's not easy and it takes a lot of time, I enjoy shooting for the manufacturing tutorials. It is a great pride once the final result is finished.

What playlist accompanies your days these days?

(Julie Rachel) : (laughs) I have 3 children at home, so I particularly appreciate the calm when I'm at the workshop.

(Julie) : My goal for a while was to include in each Brin Brun box a playlist that matches the moment. So I started making Brin Brun playlists with different themes and the one that's been particularly playing in my ears lately is the Brin Brun Soleil playlist . These are oriental sounds that bring sunshine and warm the heart!

What is your next project?

We are currently working on our next products for spring and summer, and even for fall! Several projects are currently on the drawing board. We want to bring more personalization to future products. We would also like to start developing crafting workshops.

spring new product preview, Brin Brun

Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

Not really. We made small mistakes from which we learned. You don't always have to hit yourself on the head when you make mistakes, because it's part of the process.

Our only real regret is not having the time to accomplish everything we would like to accomplish in a day (laughs).

What is your wildest dream with the business?

Our ultimate goal would really be to have a workshop-boutique where everyone can come to carry out a creative project, with under one roof the know-how and the equipment necessary to carry out different projects. We would like Brin Brun to become a reference in Quebec in terms of creativity and well-being. And ultimately, to create a community of artisans who project the same message as us.

Order picking, Brin Brun

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?

Set clear short, medium and long-term goals, so you don't feel overwhelmed by all the tasks to be accomplished. It is also important to be organized and not to procrastinate, while taking care of ourselves to maintain a balance in life. It takes great discipline to get off to a good start. Finally, the most important thing, in our opinion, is to have a clear answer to your why. Being able to answer the question: what are my personal motivations for starting and running this business? The answer to this question will help you in the most difficult times.

What can we wish you for the future?

It's really in line with our wildest dream, but to become the reference in Quebec in terms of creative well-being. Our real objective is to be able to see that we have participated in making people feel better and know each other better too. Have a positive impact on people.

Many thanks to Julie Maron and Julie Rachel Baril for their generosity during this interview.

Do you want to carry out a creative project? No problem, you will find a wide selection of Brin Brun products by clicking here.

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