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Evryy: at the heart of businesses

Evryy : au cœur des entreprises

Imagine unforgettable moments of human connection, fluid exchanges that allow you to open your heart to those around you and build strong relationships focused on the pleasure of self-discovery. All this is possible thanks to Evryy , a company that invites itself into your events to help you understand yourself better… and love yourself.

In this interview, the founder, Kim Morissette, shares her professional and personal journey that led to the creation of this unique and human company.

How would you describe your business in one sentence?

Evryy are tools that serve to bring people together and initiate moments of human connection where everyone wins by being themselves.

Kim Morissette, founder of Evryy

Who are you? What is your background?

My professional journey is intimately linked to my personal journey. I studied business management almost 10 years ago. At the time, I didn't know what I wanted to do as a result of my studies. Everything really fascinated me a lot and I had difficulty telling myself that I was going to do the same thing all my life. Only one thing was certain: I knew I wanted my business… I just didn't know in which sector.

At the end of my studies, I did internships in radio and in the field of entertainment. Then, I entered the job market in management. Shortly after, I became pregnant with my first child, at the age of 20. Then from my second at 21 years old. The changes brought about by the arrival of my children were really my biggest trigger and led to the creation of the Kogiteuse, then more recently of Evryy, which now encompasses the Journal Ambition and the human connection game Evryy .

What was the trigger that pushed you to go into business?

Following my pregnancies, I realized the importance of having a simple lifestyle, then a routine, to provide a framework for my children, but also for myself. I was starting to have a lot of anxiety and I didn't always have the words to express how I felt. With the arrival of the children also came the performance pressure of being a mother and also the pressure that I put on myself in relation to my body, which had changed. I had less self-confidence. I was really demanding of myself and of my children. I was really putting a lot of pressure on myself.

Then, through it all, I was faced with several other big tests in my personal life that brought me to the bottom of the barrel. That's when I decided to prioritize my well-being and made the decision to see a psychologist, who diagnosed me with an adjustment disorder.

Curious, I had the desire to learn about this condition. This is where I discovered the world of personal development, through readings and podcasts. I understood the importance of setting up a well-defined routine, for myself and for my children, without falling into excess and rigidity. To build an effective routine, set goals and keep dreaming. All of the things I had put aside when I became a mother.

The first tool, the Journal Ambition, was initially created for me, to accompany me on this journey. The goal of the diary was to have a simple daily routine that was easy to follow from morning until night, and included times to take care of myself. Visually seeing these goals in the journal has allowed me to prioritize myself every day, but also to keep having dreams and achieving them.

At that time, I had a community that followed my journey as a young mother on social networks. I decided to make the tool available to them for free online, in PDF format, to get feedback from people who were experiencing situations different from mine. I then realized that there was a real interest and that the newspaper had an impact on people's lives. This was the trigger for the printing and marketing of this first tool.

Journal Ambition

What is the most memorable moment in your career as an entrepreneur?

The most striking moment is the first time I gave a talk on personal development. When I saw that people had signed up to listen to me and found inspiring what I had created, it really touched me and I realized that what I had succeeded in creating had a value. It gave me the energy to carry on and continue to help people. It was truly a defining moment.

What motivates you at work and in your life as an entrepreneur?

As I mentioned earlier, what makes me vibrate above all with Evryy is knowing that I help people to develop and become aware of their full potential.

In addition to Evryy, I have a job in a marketing agency, because it was not possible for me to live solely from my business. The agency's co-founder, Rébecca, who was a good friend, died last summer following an accident. So I had to take over several related tasks within the agency. Today, I realize my life mission not only through Evryy, but also at the agency.

And on the other side, Evryy allows me to let my creative side go and create things that make me vibrate. It's a nice balance between the two.

Evryy, the game of human connections

What playlist accompanies your days these days?

I have a very varied musical style. When an artist I like releases a new album or new compositions, I immerse myself in their music 100%. Morgan Wallen just released a new country album One thing at a time , so that's what's playing full time on my side right now!

What has entrepreneurship taught you?

The biggest learning I have learned through my journey as an entrepreneur is the power of mutual aid. When I started in entrepreneurship, I thought I could find answers to all my questions online. I found it rewarding to do everything by myself, without asking for help.

As the years progressed, the more I saw the positive aspects of collaborating, whether it was with graphic designers or with a strategist guiding decision-making. Working in a team releases a huge workload. I learned to ask questions and admit it when I don't know something.

Evryy, the game of human connections

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Not to be afraid to talk about your project out loud. Even if it is not yet concrete. Often, we are afraid to talk about our ideas for fear of having them stolen, but talking about them to those around you will often bring more benefits than harm. One person can put you in touch with someone in their network, another person can raise ideas to move the project forward even further, etc. Also, I firmly believe that saying your project out loud makes it more concrete and brings motivation to achieve it.

What is your wildest dream with the company?

What I would like with Evryy is to be able to decline the game in different versions to represent all the situations that we can experience in life. For example, having an early childhood version, a mental health version (which I'm currently working on), an ADHD version, etc. In short, develop different versions so that everyone finds their benefit.

Another dream would be to see Evryy on sale in major stores like Renaud-Bray and Archambault and for the game to be on sale everywhere in Canada!

What's your next project?

I was talking about offering more versions of the Evryy game earlier. Soon, a version of the game related to mental health, in collaboration with the Initium Foundation , will be launched and available via the foundation's website and the Evryy website.

Evryy, extension

What can we wish you for the future?

Let time slow down (laughs)! If you can wish me one more day in the week where I can just focus on my projects, that would be great! I have a very rainbow life, filled with projects and ideas and I often feel like I don't have time to savor each of my achievements.

A big thank you to Kim Morissette for this sweet conservation full of openness.

If you too want to experience moments of deep connection and self-discovery through play, don't hesitate any longer and get Evryy's products now for unforgettable experiences!

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