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The Minot cider house: At the heart of the business

Cidrerie du Minot, cueillette

I love ciders! I discovered them by chance during a trip to Ireland in 2012. A waitress had recommended a very popular cider to us on the Emerald Isle and since then, since it is not available in Quebec, I don't provides whenever I go to Ontario. But, I have since had the opportunity to taste several Quebec ciders and it is with pleasure today that I speak to you about the Minot cider house .

minot cider house

Credit: Minot cider house

A family and cider story

The Minot cider house is a family story that began in Brittany. Audrenne Demoy tells me that each Breton family has its own recipe and that cider is an everyday drink. The Demoy family imported the family cider recipe they made in their native France and opened the Minot cider house in 1987. At the time, the Demoy family was the only one in Quebec to make and sell cider. The Cidrerie du Minot actually has the first permit issued for the manufacture and sale of cider in Quebec.

Thirty years ago, the market not being what it is today, it was difficult for owners to break into the Quebec market. In fact, they had to win back the hearts of Quebecers who had in mind the ciders of the 70s of poor quality and very industrial.

Since then, the market has changed and evolved a lot. There are many more players in the business and the quality of ciders available has improved a lot.

In 2011, the Demoy couple's children, Audrenne and Alan took over the family business. After work experiences outside the family business, the two returned to take the reins of the cider house.

Entrepreneurship runs through their veins like cider through their family history. Audrenne also adds: “what I like about entrepreneurship are the challenges, the contact with the employees and the pride of seeing the finished products”.

Audrenne and Alan Demoy

Credit: Minot cider house

Ciders and a real experience

The Minot cider house offers a real experience to visitors. It is possible to taste products completely free of charge, to visit the cider house as well as the museum and the cider house of the grandfather. Indeed, the Demoy family brought from France the old press dating from 1850 and an old corker to explain to visitors how cider was made at the time and how it is made today.

Minot cider house, shop

Credit: Minot cider house

In addition to the visit to the cider house, the owners have been organizing for several years, in July, the gourmet fair which brings together around twenty exhibitors and artisans from the region, but also from elsewhere. Visitors can therefore discover the cider house and local craftsmen, discuss with them and discover their products and their achievements.

On the agenda of the cider house

In addition to the gourmet fair, the Minot cider house will participate in the UPA farms open house on September 10 and in the Magog-Orford harvest festivals which will take place on September 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10, 2017.

Next year will also be a pivotal year in the life of the Minot cider house since it will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. There will most likely be activities to highlight the event. It is to be watched!

For more information on La Cidrerie du Minot, visit their member page !

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