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At the heart of the company: Annie Lespérance

Au cœur de l’entreprise : Annie Lespérance

Annie Lespérance is a nimble-fingered designer who has been selling her minimalist jewelry on her Etsy shop since 2010. After a few jobs here and there, with an ever-constant passion for jewelry design in mind, she decided to enroll in the School of Jewelery of Montreal . This is how the jeweler from Saint-Marc sur Richelieu, a small village on the South Shore of Montreal, quickly realized that the domain was the right one.

“In the beginning, my style was totally different. Then, in 2014, I devoted myself full-time to my work as an entrepreneur and I created jewelry in my image, exactly like the ones I would like to wear, ”she says. And what she loves is minimalism.

The rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants in silver or brass that she carefully creates in her workshop (in her apartment) all have the same delicacy. "I have to manage to forget that I wear jewelry to love them," she jokes. Just because they're more understated doesn't mean they don't add a special touch to looks. A small triangular ring fitted with a magnificent pearl has all its effect. Thanks to a single piece of jewelry, you can make any ensemble chic and classy!

Omnipresent minimalism

This vision leaves the workshop and is sometimes transposed into his daily life. By choice, Annie Lespérance lives with her spouse in an apartment at the age of 40, has no car, often asks herself the famous question “ do you really need one ? » and does not ask for a present at his party.

Minimalism also joins her manufacturing methods, because she works with very little machinery. “When I was traveling in Mexico, I met a craftsman who made jewelry in a very rudimentary way. He used a tin can filled with gasoline with a bellows that he wielded with his foot to produce a flame, unlike the torches we normally use. I found it inspiring! “, she recalls. She adds that the contrast with our use of more high-tech tools made her think. She is therefore now trying to establish this working method in her daily life, distinguishing herself from other jewelers who are overwhelmed with equipment. This Mexican worker must have been far from suspecting that he had sown an idea in a designer that would continue to germinate!

Constant production

Even if minimalism guides her profession, Annie Lespérance does not only produce the minimum. Busy times push her to work even harder, she who takes care of finances, photos, communications, in short, everything from A to Z. She is always on the lookout for new trends, and her brain is bubbling with ideas that allow him to constantly create.

She is not the type to rely on the seasons to bring out new collections. Everything starts with an idea and ideas often come. Annie Lespérance does not rush things, lets inspiration come and excels in the art of working under pressure. “One morning, I get up, I want a new pair of earrings, so I make it! And in the afternoon, it's on sale,” she says, comparing herself to an ant that never stops working. She also pays particular attention to the packaging, decorated with patience.

Annie Lespérance's business has had the wind in its sails for some time. Even if she wishes to continue on this beautiful progression, a boutique project with a storefront is not in her plans. "I like the artisanal side of the business of entrepreneurship, I don't want to have to manage all the time, I want to create," she says. However, she would not give up on a workshop on the island of Montreal, ideal for meeting her clients. “I really enjoy discussing with customers, knowing their tastes and desires, receiving their comments. A workshop may be coming soon! she concludes dreamily.

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