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5 local and original gift ideas for Easter

Des cadeaux originaux et locaux pour Pâques

Easter is a holiday that I particularly like since it is synonymous with spring, sunshine and renewal. It is also the day of the year when chocolate is in the spotlight. And between you and me, who doesn't like to receive a little sweet treat, no matter the occasion? However, there are a multitude of alternatives to chocolate when it comes time to shop for a present to offer at Easter. Here is my shopping list for this year. What great original ideas for products made in Quebec! Because I kill two birds with one stone: I spoil those I love while encouraging local purchases!

For the little ones


The Easter holiday is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family. If it rains, we take the opportunity to develop the creativity of our little ones thanks to the kits to be assembled by Sofs. Easy to make, all parts are already printed for you. All you have to do is cut them out, fold them and assemble them! Enough to transform a cloudy afternoon into a memorable moment.


Almost all kids love chocolate chickens and bunnies, that's a fact! But almost all children also have a crush on rabbits and chickens, whether they are real or not. This year, to vary the egg hunt, why not hide, among the classic treats, a plush companion from the Quebec company Papoum Papoum! Carefully handcrafted, these irresistible and cute characters will never be mistaken for high-production products.

For the family brunch


Who says Easter brunch says pancakes, jam, pastries and… mimosa, this drink made of sparkling wine and orange juice. For a non-alcoholic option, while giving a little “oumf” at lunch, we opt for the apple cider from the Cidrerie du Minot. This sparkling cider, with fine and distinguished bubbles, is made from McIntosh apples from Quebec. With its notes of fresh apples, slightly tangy and its enveloping touch of honey, it will please you! To offer or to keep for yourself.

For the loved one


Because chocolate remains a classic that everyone likes and my lover couldn't do without dark chocolate, it's a chocolate from the Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil that I'll give him for Easter. Offering a variety of French and Belgian chocolates, their chocolates come in a multitude of flavors: chocolate-coffee, chocolate-banana, chocolate-fleur de sel, chocolate-raspberry and they even offer a puffed rice chocolate bar!

For the sweet tooth


I have a friend who can't help herself, every time she eats at a restaurant, from ordering dessert at the end of the meal. It's unmissable! Impossible for her not to finish with a little sweet treat. To this friend, I will offer a product from the company Caramels FAA This company specializes in the production of caramels of different flavors of the most original. In addition to caramels, they also have a small range of by-products including their excellent caramel and fleur de sel popcorn !

No matter how you celebrate, happy Easter!

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Original article by Marie-Eve Patry

Revisited in March 2023 by Ariane Lessard

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