5 organic farming products to discover in Quebec


Organic farming is much more than eating organic.

What if we became a minimalist or an urban farmer? What if we ate vegan or organic? What if we encouraged local businesses that make eco-responsible choices? Where to start? Let's get inspired with 5 organic farming products to discover in Quebec. (Makes me want to try them!)

5 companies with an organic heart

Here are my favorite products made in Quebec from organic farming ingredients: maple syrup, sea buckthorn, cotton, organic bamboo fabric, coconut oil, shea butter, fine herbs, vegetables, edible flowers , honey, perfume with organic essences…

For the most part, these natural ingredients are harvested in our province. For others, the supply is done with concern for the environment, for local purchasing and eco-responsible consumption.

These local businesses are a source of inspiration and models to follow. Let's enter the universe of these “organic heart” companies: La Ferme d'Achille, Blanc par rouGe, My-laine mi-cotton, VGAM and Zarits Verte Planète.

1. Achilles Farm

Producer and processor of organic sea buckthorn, La Ferme d'Achille markets Argouille, a sparkling signature drink made from sea buckthorn berries.
Sea buckthorn, a cousin of the olive tree, is rich in vitamins A, C and E, beta-carotene, essential fatty acids and iron.

In addition to its health benefits, La Ferme d'Achille uses ingredients certified organic by Ecocert .


2. white by red

Keep your taste buds awake with Blanc par rouGe vinaigrettes with local flavors. Blanc par rouGe gourmet organic maple products have been created with the aim of pleasing the most gourmands and gourmets. Maple BBQ sauce, maple onion confit, seasonings, jellies, maple syrup, maple butter, prepared mustard and many other products will please you!

3. My-Laine Mi-Cotton

Organic farming is not only agri-food products. Think of cotton or organic bamboo. Two ecological materials used by My-laine mi-cotton. The designer makes clothes and accessories: unique, refreshing and well thought out. I'm a new fan (big crush on the circular dress).

My-wool half-cotton

4.V *GAM

Would you like to have new organic products for the face? V*GAM. Cleanser, cream and mineral serum? V GAM.

V*GAM BIOME uses natural and vegan ingredients. Its formulas are free of preservatives known to be toxic to humans or the environment. This local company stands out for the quality of its products, which can be discovered through its 30-day discovery trio , which includes a face cream, a cleanser and a mineral serum. All made with 100% natural ingredients, carefully selected.


5. Zarits Green Planet

Organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic shea butter, organic clay, organic essential oils… With that in mind, we can only dream of beautiful, soft skin! What if I told you that this is what we find in the natural products of Zarits Verte Planète? From shampoo bars, to lip balm, to deodorant, to solid massage oil, all Zarits Verte Planète products are designed by hand directly from its workshop in St-Jérôme.

zarits green planet

Revisited in September 2021 by Ariane L

Cover photo credit: Ophélie Authier via Unsplash

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