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At the heart of the company: Babilles & Babioles

Au cœur de l’entreprise : Babilles & Babioles

As a parent, the arrival of a baby is an event punctuated with happiness and joy. For some, it can also be synonymous with questioning or professional reorientation. This is exactly what happened for Andrée-Anne, the founder of Babilles & Babioles !

Credit: Laetitia Photographer


Yes, Andrée-Anne is a passionate person and that was apparent from the start of the interview. Besides passion, she is also a fashion graduate who has always worked for well-established brands. Nevertheless, the arrival of her daughter gave birth in her to the desire to create for the latter. This is how in 2015, the nice owner who hides behind the success of Babilles & Babioles made her project a reality. She was going to become a mom-entrepreneur ! Although at the beginning his adventure took place on a part-time basis, the plans evolved. She quickly realized that the time had come to quit her other job and devote herself fully to her thriving business.


Today, in addition to her Etsy shop , we can find her products in five points of sale across Quebec. I also got a scoop that made Andrée-Anne very excited! His creations will be distributed in Greater Montreal as part of the new Petit Nomade project. This rather unique concept consists of offering various Quebec products during home presentations. Participants will therefore be able to obtain, among other things, a tepee or a bathrobe during exclusive evenings.

Credit: Babilles & Baubles

At all times, she offers us teepees, bathrobes, changing tubs, bins for trinkets and a host of accessories. Although she maintains some inventory, the designer in her loves unique creations. She also invites her customers to make special requests to offer a truly personalized product. Whether it is for a window addition on a tipi, a pattern or a particular color, all requests are welcome. Thus, she can use her creative side to draw sketches, without neglecting her social side by interacting with people. Over time, she realizes that often these queries allow her to target future trends.


As mentioned before, most of his creations come from a need to be filled for his little casserole. One of the essential items that can be purchased at Babilles & Babioles is the tipi stabilizer . After designing a teepee for her daughter, Andrée-Anne quickly realized that it could be unstable for a toddler. To appease her mother's conscience, she wondered about the problem. It was with the help of his spouse that the stabilizer was born. A year later, in the summer of 2016, the patent was granted for this very practical addition. She could now go to exhibitions with peace of mind. His innovation was protected!

Credit: Catherine Chouinard Photography


For Andrée-Anne, being an entrepreneur has several advantages. She can have a nice balance between her professional and personal life. She therefore adapts her work to the reality of being a mother. Of course, it's scary to get into entrepreneurship. For her part, she anticipated the complexity behind it all. But in the end, she absolutely does not regret her choice. In addition to the advantages, you have to be realistic, being an entrepreneur requires special qualities. “For me, I would say it takes patience, time – a lot of time – and guts ! You also have to trust yourself, it's a gradual process. To this must be added a great capacity for adaptation to create and satisfy the various requests.

Credit: Babilles & Baubles


For the future, she wishes to develop her pool of novelties and increase her presence in exhibitions. It is a demanding showcase, but it offers exceptional visibility. As a bonus, she can exchange with her customers. She is always flattered and surprised to see that consumers come to Babilles & Babioles. For someone who has taken the plunge into entrepreneurship, there is nothing more rewarding! Currently, she has a seamstress working with her full-time for production, not counting the contribution of family members. As possible projects, she would like to graft a key person to work with her as a generator of ideas.

For the future, Andrée-Anne wishes one thing: "That this beautiful story continues and that the rhythm is maintained as naturally".

If, like me, you want to have the pleasure of chatting with a passionate person, know that Andrée-Anne will be exhibiting at the Créafolie Market which will take place on April 29 and 30, 2017 in L'Ancienne-Lorette.

For more information on Babilles & Babioles, a flourishing company, consult its member profile !

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