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At the heart of the company - Betina Lou

Au coeur de l'entreprise - Betina Lou

The change of season remained the most legitimate pretext for shopping around. With the arrival of autumn, let a breath of fresh air blow through your wardrobe...

Head to 6510 Henri-Julien in Montreal, Betina Lou 's boutique workshop. Opened last June, the space is contemporary and its clear and refined design is interpreted as an invitation to venture into it. Surprisingly, it's not just women's clothing… It's also the point of sale for the Marmier brand (clothing line for men). There is also an array of accessories and jewelry to enhance your outfits as well as a few natural beauty products.


It was on a bench, in front of the shop (in all simplicity) that we met Marie-Ève ​​Emond. A designer by training, she always had the firm conviction that she would succeed in this direction. Before launching her business, she worked for several years for major Quebec brands.

With shining eyes, she tells us about her passion for her profession and the beginnings of her business: “I knew that I wanted my line, I also knew that it had to reflect my values; so local production for sure!” The clothes are designed, cut and assembled in Montreal.


She explains to us, with a big smile, the special attachment she has towards her clients. The material of each piece sold in store is rigorously tested by the team before production. Ensuring product quality remains at the center of its priorities.

Betina Lou's clothing line is very sober and feminine. Elegant and timeless, her dresses are easy to wear in the office as well as for other occasions. They are thought out and designed for the daily life of active women. According to the seasons and the collections, we find a certain harmony between the pieces and a consistency in the "classic retro chic" style of the designer of the brand Marie-Eve Emond.


Since its creation a little over seven years ago, the brand has made a name for itself in the hearts and wardrobes of customers. Faithful, they adhere not only to the style but just as much to the values ​​that guide the brand, "locally made".

Find out more about Betina Lou's beautiful creations by consulting her Signé Local profile .

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