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Inside the company - Boldwin

Au coeur de l'entreprise - Boldwin

Reinventing the Quebec beer market, one sip at a time

This is the bet that Daleyne Guay, Jean-François Giguère, Isabelle Théroux and Olivier Thomann took on a few years ago and which has just seen the light of day.

Entrepreneurs at heart, fervent beer lovers, socially engaged and driven by the desire to give back to their community, the owners had everything in hand to create the New Deal microbrewery .


When boots follow chops

Boldwin beer, the first brand of the New Deal brewery, is a brand full of audacity and authenticity. It's a bold brand, with a head full of ideas, but which is above all very active; in short, a brand in perfect harmony with the personality of its creators.

Proud of these values, the New Deal brewery is certified B Corp and has made it its mission to be environmentally committed, to be socially involved and to give back to its employees.

It is for this reason that Boldwin beer is the highest quality organic beer and is made predominantly from locally grown produce. It is the only Quebec microbrewery beer with an entirely local supply. In an effort to give back to its community, the brewery also hires people with mild physical or mental disabilities to do product packaging, has a minimum wage set at $15, offers coaching and mentoring to young entrepreneurs and gives 10% of its share capital as an option to employees so that they can become shareholders without having to pay out of pocket.


It is certainly through its social involvement, its environmental awareness and its very high quality products that New Deal will be able to revolutionize the current beer industry, both on the Quebec market and on the international market. This perfectly defines the essence of the brand: when boots follow lips. The desire to do things right and do the right things!


Released in convenience stores and grocery stores for a little over a month, three permanent beers are currently available: a blond Pale Ale, an American IPA and a red Bitter Extra Special. The objective being to offer accessible beers with a touch of character, the IBU of the beers therefore remains lower, to the delight of those who do not appreciate a taste of bitterness that is too pronounced. They are all as good as each other, but I must however admit my penchant for the red, with notes of caramel and toasted malt counterbalanced by a floral bitterness.


And that's not all! Our friends at New Deal definitely don't like to do like the others... In order to find a second life for spent grains, the residue collected in the barley malting process, the brewery has teamed up with friends from the Amour du Pain bakery, for an extraordinary collaboration. And yes, together they designed a whole new kind of bread. Prepared from 30% spent grain and flavored with red beer, the bread is soft and will go well with more than one of your meals!

Good discovery, and cheers !

To learn more about the new Boldwin beers, check out their Signé Local member profile .


Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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