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At the heart of the company - Chez Laurette

Au coeur de l'entreprise - Chez Laurette

The designer, Laurane Cambacérès, is an epicurean at heart. Passionate about everything that has a touch of sweetness, she draws inspiration from her visits to the pastry chef to create, without moulds, delicate and colorful jewels hand-sculpted in polymer, her favorite material.


When, very young, her friends played with sets of plastic dishes, she was already sculpting the food that would end up at the heart of their games, to make it more real.

Since 2011, Chez Laurette has been sculpting miniature formats of its favorite delicacies, freehand. This ensures that each accessory is original. Laurane carefully prepares her color, sculpts according to her desire of the moment, bakes her pieces in the oven then varnishes them, before making jewelry that sells like hot cakes. Meticulous and endowed with an incredibly precise sense of detail, she recreates beautiful desserts to wear.


Plump macaroons, colorful donuts, mouth-watering slices of cake are just some of the pieces offered through her Etsy store , in the form of gourmet earrings and necklaces. Each of the models is offered in a variety of colors, offering its customers an incredible amount of choice.


She also put on sale, a few months ago, various mother-daughter duos that have become so popular that she now offers a few models and colors that will be able to unite girls and their mothers even more.

Arrived in Quebec 6 years ago now, she almost immediately started creating her miniature works. With a master's degree in marketing strategy, this relational marketing enthusiast operates her business part-time.

Despite the madness that Chez Laurette products cause, the designer says she loves her two jobs, which are also her two passions in life. The freedom that his personal business brings him allows him to create as he sees fit, following his inspiration of the moment.
In order to reconcile the two, she must manage a schedule that occupies her every day of the week, especially when she takes part in markets or special events, which involves intensive production of jewelry in order to compensate for the ever-increasing demand.


His creations can be found in a few boutiques in Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke, L'Assomption, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and even in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine! His most recent collaborations have given him great visibility. Her most recent, with Blanc Soja, made a splash by combining a cotton candy necklace with a candle of the same fragrance. Always in limited edition, these spontaneous creations are highly sought after as soon as they are announced. Better be quick to be among the lucky ones to get your hands on it!


Beautiful projects are coming for Chez Laurette; new jewels and new collaborations. Moreover, a surprising new model will soon be available as part of a collaboration… salty!

Laurane Cambacérès thrives on inspiring projects that take her out of her comfort zone. The possibilities are endless for this jewelry enthusiast, Quebec craftsmanship better watch out, because a very promising future is promised to it.

Find out more about this craftsman with nimble fingers by consulting her Signé Local profile .


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