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Inside the company - Raccoon Skis

Au coeur de l'entreprise - Raccoon Skis

Four men of heart and ambition is what makes the success of a company like Raccoon Skis. And what is most beautiful in all of this is undoubtedly the story behind its creation... a story tinged with passion, opportunities and a little zeal on the part of two good old friends from childhood.


The Raccoons Skis team: Carl Grenier, Martin Matte, Jonathan Bourgeois and Sébastien Moquin

Jonathan Bourgeois and Sébastien Moquin have been friends since birth and have always shared the same passion: downhill skiing. However, it was chance that led them to go into business, when Jonathan, having taken over the reins of the family business Groupe Fabritec, was looking to get rid of an old press that was no longer in use. It was then that he learned that the machine could be used to make skis. It was enough for the businessman to contact his old childhood friend , Sébastien, and offer him to start a business manufacturing alpine skis. Bet held, after several months of work to learn the manufacturing technique and trial and error, it was possible to see the first pair of Raccoon skis on the slopes of Quebec; skis whose core is made of top quality Quebec maple, which do not go unnoticed and which stand out as much for their quality as for their refined style.


Shortly after the creation, Carl Grenier, founder of Zoom Media, joined the company and more recently Martin Matte, himself a ski enthusiast, decided to invest in the company. It was during the launch of the 2014-2015 season at the Champagnerie in Montreal that the company really took off, Sébastien explains to me: "We brought together all the industry media, we had a Lamborghini in the colors of Raccoon with a rack of skis on the roof. It was unusual. It got people talking and people were taking pictures and sharing them on social media. We created a hype around the brand. It was also during that evening that we officially presented Martin Matte as a new investor in the company! The next day, the company was talked about in the newspapers and on the radio. It was a big hit!


The company now has 13 points of sale located in Quebec and now intends to broaden its horizons to develop the Western Canadian market and that of France.

The fact remains that the industry in which they operate is not an easy industry and that competition is fierce. The biggest challenge for Sébastien is to make the brand known to local and international consumers. "People don't yet recognize Raccoon and don't know that we're a Quebec brand, but when we do events and people have the chance to test them, the feedback is almost always positive." As Sébastien explained to me, the four men continue to invest in Raccoon, because they believe in it and it's a project they take to heart. Each having a full-time job in a wide variety of fields, their objective is not to live solely on the income brought in by Raccoon, but simply to be able to pursue their dreams as little boys and work together on a project that fascinates them and that allows them to ski in the most beautiful places on earth.


One thing is certain, the entrepreneurs behind the company are certainly not lacking in ideas and ambition! New products will soon appear on the company's new transactional website . In addition to skis, it will now be possible for consumers to purchase maple skis, a small sweet treat in the image of Quebec, as well as other accessories. Stay tuned!

To learn more about Raccoon, visit their Signé Local member page .


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