au coeur de l'entreprise

Domaine Labranche: At the heart of the business

Domaine Labranche : Au coeur de l'entreprise

For people like me who have a sweet tooth, sugaring off is somehow synonymous with happiness. It's a bit like Christmas a second time. And what better than a visit to Domaine Labranche to celebrate this wonderful time of year. It is in Saint-Isidore-de-Laprairie, in Montérégie, that the DesGroseilliers family will welcome you to their charming estate to show you the fruits of their labor: the maple grove, the orchard, the vineyard, not to mention the great diversity products derived from it.


Credit: Domaine Labranche

Domaine Labranche, a family story

It must be said that the interest of the DesGroseilliers family for the Quebec terroir is not new. You just have to go back a little further in their family tree to understand that nature and agricultural activities have always occupied an important place in their lives. For 8 generations now, this family has left its mark thanks to a perfect blend of innovation, passion and above all pleasure. And the latest generation is no exception! The 6 children being directly or indirectly involved in the family business, it is now their turn to bring a touch of novelty to the rich history of Domaine Labranche, in particular through the production of alcohol.

Domaine Labranche

Products for all occasions

For the past few years, Domaine Labranche has been offering 8 alcoholic products, each as tasty as the next, highlighting its harvests.

The grapes coming from the vines allow the elaboration of 2 very interesting wines; a refreshing white wine with a citrus taste, while the red wine has more notes of berries.

From the sap flow 3 alcoholic products: syrupy maple syrup, sparkling maple syrup, an essential aperitif, as well as maple wine, a choice companion to your sushi platter. Made simply from the fermentation of maple sap, these drinks have a unique flavor. No wonder the DesGroseilliers family is so proud of it!

As for apples, they allow the production of 3 ciders: sparkling cider, ice cider and my favorite, fire cider. The latter stands out for its richness and notes of caramel, but it is the manufacturing process that makes it all the more special. While ice ciders are the result of the concentration of sugars by the action of cold on apple juice, ie cryoconcentration , fire cider, on the other hand, is produced by evaporation like maple syrup. Believe me, it's a pure delight!

Just to make your mouth water…

Although the estate has evolved a lot over the years, one thing has remained: a spirit of unity. It is in this spirit of conviviality that Domaine Labranche opens the doors of its sugar shack to you throughout the spring. This warm place will charm you with its simplicity and authenticity. On the menu: typical Quebec meals, tasting of their alcohols and festive atmosphere. That's one more reason to put on your best plaid shirt and savor the arrival of spring!


It is also in the same vein that the Apple Shack was born last fall. Both refined and rustic, this is the ideal place to gather around a good dinner while enjoying the flavors of the season. A unique experience showcasing both fresh and organic products from the Domaine and those from the region.

For people who would like to prolong the pleasure at home, the company offers several ideas for recipes and cocktails based on their products on their website. Something to make us salivate even more!

To learn more, visit the Signé Local profile of Domaine Labranche .


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