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Wardrobe cleaning operation!

Opération ménage de la garde-robe!

The softening of the temperature of the last few days makes us dangle the arrival of spring. It is during this season, my favorite, that the greenery takes control of the situation and the sun is more present. This is also where the clothes become lighter, where our clothing style takes on a summery twist .

I take the opportunity, every year, to clean up my wardrobe and my son's. Since spring invades me with a sudden urge to spend, I have to create space. See you next year, comfortable woolen fabrics, hello inspiring patterns!

Household operation

Not always easy, but oh so necessary for renewing a wardrobe! Its purpose is quite basic: to take out everything that no longer serves to make room for new arrivals.

What you need? A free afternoon, a little patience and a big bag of garbage!


Difficult to say goodbye to some tired tracks? Whether they are linked to certain memories or the cut suits you, know that it is possible to recover them. Nothing is more fun than giving our clothes a second life!

You can opt for the application of decorative patches to hide wear and tear on one of your favorite items (or simply give it a new look).

Patch jeans_household wardrobe

credit: Unsplash

Otherwise, give free rein to your imagination by transforming an old pair of denim into shorts, or even by cutting a jersey into a camisole!


Another eco-friendly way to get rid of our clothes is to donate them . The possibilities are more numerous than you might think.


Credit: Certex

Often, unloved clothes will bring happiness to some in need. Look for a clothing depot, or charity, in your neighborhood.

Take advantage of a girls' night out to swap your pieces that you want to get rid of. Accompany it with refreshments and bites, you will find a guaranteed pleasure!


With the space created in the wardrobe, now is the time to spoil yourself with a shopping spree ! It is essential to first establish a list of your needs. Opt for mat pieces with which you can create various arrangements.

Local Signed Shop, Eaton Center

Quebec is full of companies offering beautiful, sustainable clothing! Yes, they are sometimes more expensive than those found in large banners, but their quality far surpasses them. Dare to put some local flavor in your everyday outfits!

Must of spring

Gaia & Dubos

Spring often rhymes with adding bright colors to our clothes. Even if the weather, sometimes uncertain, does not always allow us to take out our lighter clothes, it is possible to revive our look with the addition of colorful accessories!

Alice and Simone

The skirt is a must have in the little girl's wardrobe. Easy to put on and take off, it is a joy for parents. With patterns that are as colorful as they are unique, it is definitely a key element for this spring.


With the warming air, our winter down jackets are now giving way to lighter coats. Without a doubt, the blazer is one of the most essential accessories to brave the weather in style.

Design Addict

As long as you're cleaning up, why not take the opportunity to revamp your underwear drawer (or that of the gentleman)? Since these follow us in all our daily challenges, it is better to have more than one on hand.

What Made in Quebec garment or accessory will be part of your wardrobe this spring?

by Amélie Bilodeau

Revisited in March 2021 by Ariane Lessard

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