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Savonnerie des diligences, body care in all their simplicity

Savonnerie des diligences

"You have to do what you love in life."

This is the advice that Marie-Eve Lejour once gave to her son. A piece of advice that she herself did not put into practice! At least, that's what she realized at the time. She then organized herself to change the situation.

Fifteen years later, she found herself at the head of her business, the famous Savonnerie des Diligences . A natural body care company she cherishes.

Mission accomplished Marie-Eve!

stagecoach soap team

The Savonnerie des Diligences team, credit: Daphné Caron Photography

For the love of soap

Imagine body care in all its simplicity. Edible vegetable oils, essential oils, soaps suitable for all skin types. Well, that's what you'll find at the Savonnerie des Diligences located at 439 Rue Principale in Eastman, in the Eastern Townships.

Marie-Eve Lejour and her team have set up a company that offers natural products containing rich ingredients that are beneficial for the body (and the mind, thanks to the magic of essential oils).

"It's in my opinion the best products in the world, but it's unpretentious!" she said laughing.

But why would anyone want the best products in the world? When you think about it, we wash every day and every time we use soap. Maybe it's made with natural ingredients (so much the better) or maybe not… and that's where it can be less fun .

"The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it's almost worse to put bad products on it because it goes straight into the blood. The kidneys don't filter what goes on it." explains Marie-Eve.

It's a think about it!

Stagecoach soap factory

credit: Daphne Caron Photography

So if we want the best for our body, we risk falling in love with these products:

beer soap

Made in collaboration with major Quebec microbreweries, these brewer's yeast soaps contain enzymes and vitamins that are good for hair, skin and nails. Something to consume without moderation.

beer soaps - stagecoach soap factory

credit: Carolanne Lamontagne Photography


Each of the 32 soaps in this collection features a different folk story. We fell in love with Lady Mellow (rosewood and lavender), The Dreamer (tangerine) and The Mermaid (sea mud and grapefruit).

Stagecoach soap factory

credit: Carolanne Lamontagne Photography

The zero waste range

“I was looking for a way to reduce plastic use for a long time and then I love mason jars.” says Marie-Eve, bursting out laughing.

This is how the idea was born to build a line of products that does not require any plastic container. Potted deodorants, body butters, bath flakes and soap boxes are now part of this wonderful collection.

1% of all sales go to benefit the Missisquoi Nord organization! Mutual aid is beautiful.

Zero waste range, stagecoach soap factory

Carolanne Lamontagne Photography

Discover the products of the inspiring Savonnerie des Diligences on the Signé Local online store , as well as in our stores in Brossard and Quebec.

By Julie Matthew

Revisited in September 2021 by Ariane L.

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