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At the heart of the company - Main Gauche

Au coeur de l’entreprise - Main Gauche

Are you looking for original and colorful accessories for this winter? For yourself or to offer as a gift, ladies, I invite you to discover the Main Gauche items, made by Quebec designer Claude Robitaille.

From the first minutes of our discussion, it is with a soft voice tinged with emotion that Claude tells us why his brand is called Main Gauche. Literally, as her name suggests, she crafts all of her brand's pieces with her left hand. It is not on a whim, let alone to add a touch of challenge to the performance of one's duties; rather, it is a disability that prevents him from using both hands to work.


An example of courage and perseverance, Claude always knew that she would work in the field of fashion, following in the footsteps of her mother, whom she saw sewing all day long. When she was seven years old, she was already dressing her dolls with scraps of fabric that she picked up here and there under her mother's sewing table.

His path was clear. She studied haute couture. It wasn't always easy, but thanks to her passion for design, she always believed in it. Despite her handicap, she was able to acquire a work technique as well as an unparalleled dexterity.

For many years, she made bespoke clothing before moving into ready-to-wear. She finally chose to focus on creating accessories in order to express more fantasy in her pieces.


“My inspiration, I catch it on the fly,” she says, with a smirk. It often starts with a dream, which begins to germinate in his head. The dream then comes to life on a sheet of paper, to evolve, grow, transform and finally see the light of day in his studio.

Her tuques, mittens, scarves and handbags are recognizable among a thousand; his creations do not go unnoticed. The style and colors exude an originality and uniqueness specific to Main Gauche, perfect for revamping our gloomy winter season clothing.



Find out more about the beautiful creations of Main Gauche by consulting her Signé Local profile .

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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