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Winter activities for a local signed family

Activités d’hiver pour une famille signée locale

Every year, I have to re-tame winter. It's a long process that begins in November, with gray weather and shorter days. Then come the months of January and February, where each storm reminds me that being at the last minute is not a quality. But it's not true that you have to hide all winter in your den. “My country is winter” and it is full of family activities to make us appreciate our Nordicity. I therefore offer outdoor and indoor activities to entertain the family.


Our municipal libraries are the great forgotten family activities. However, what better way to instill a taste for reading than to make it an activity? You could attend story time or simply go there to read, borrow and enjoy the spaces designed for children. Even better, challenge your kids! For example, find a book written by a Quebec author.


It's more difficult to do agritourism in the winter, yes. However, there are other ways to discover Quebec producers and farmers. For example, public procurement. Unexpected? Admittedly, the idea of ​​going to the market does not perhaps rhyme with a family activity. However, as soon as his grandpa suggests he go to the Jean-Talon market, my son jumps for joy. This is an opportunity to discover, in a profusion of colors, local products and to discuss with the producers. Offer your children challenges such as finding unusual vegetables or preparing questions to ask the producers… and in the evening, you can cook a good pie or a comforting soup with seasonal fruits and vegetables.
In Montreal, several markets are open year-round, including the Mile-End farmer's market. Faithful to their job, the producers of the La Branche estate are there every Thursday and Sunday. Otherwise, it is also possible to find annual public markets in Shawinigan, Lévis, Boucherville, La Prairie, Longueuil, Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Drummondville.


Some will say it's too early to talk about Christmas, but that's not my case. Christmas markets abound in our Quebec and it is an extraordinary activity to do with the family. Most of these markets offer an enchanting setting. You will make great discoveries "made in Quebec" and you will meet local artisans. Plus, it's the perfect time to do some Christmas shopping while having fun.

We're starting the last day at the Salon des Métiers d'Art!

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Fabulous! Find the market in your area and watch the lineup. In addition to the merchants, you will find family activities, entertainment and shows.


No need to travel to do a special activity. Offer your children a movie night. Rent or buy the magnificent animated film "La guerre des tuques", which reminds us that Quebec excels in the art of animation. Popcorn, a few treats, a big cover, and voila! “Made in Quebec” cocooning.



As long as you spend the next few months under the snow, you might as well tame it, right? All regions offer a winter festival. These festivals are often held in February, when the storms are ravaging and our morale is at its lowest. Between two cocooning sessions, go reconcile with winter and play outside with your children. Like the Christmas markets, the winter festivals offer a varied program: music shows, winter activities, entertainment, etc. Check out the festival program for your region, it's quite exciting.

The sky is bursting tonight in Joliette! #MonJoliette #FestiGlace

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Alright, let's say there's a storm and we prefer the comfort of our home to the rigors of the outdoors, so I'll give you a DIY activity. This type of activity is only limited by your imagination. And if your imagination is limited, go to the La génératrice website which offers you DIY kits, each more creative than the next. You can even make little sticks that will become, once finished, a memory game.

You don't have to flee south to get through the winter. Between school or work days and the daily routine, weekends are a time to empty our heads of all worries. Of course, you have to allow yourself weekends of doing nothing! But it is also necessary to allow unifying and entertaining activities.


Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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