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MB Alpha Wear, men's clothing made in Quebec

MB alpha wear, vêtements pour hommes

Doing like everyone else is not what Bianca Nolin had in mind when she launched MB Alpha Wear, a clothing collection thought and designed entirely in Quebec and dedicated to the "modern woodsman". Overview of this company that manages to prove that 100% Made in Quebec can be profitable!

Bianca Nolin, founder of MB Alpha Wear

Bianca Nolin, founder of MB Alpha Wear

Brand dedicated entirely to men

It was during her studies in fashion design at Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy that Bianca knew that this was the man she would dress. “I realized that I had a lot more inspiration doing men's fashion than women's fashion and that's where I can say that I got hooked,” she explains.

A sting that today translates into a collection of 25 different items. Simple and trendy pieces that can be worn on all occasions. “I make men's clothing inspired by nature. Plaid shirts, joggers, fleeces, hoodies, tuques, scarves, etc. says Bianca. There's not a guy who could do without that!

MB Alpha wear, clothing for the modern woodsman

MB Alpha Wear

A line inspired by the alpha male

MB Alpha Wear are above all the initials of Bianca's grandmother who taught her to sew, but the designer also associates them with the expression "raw male" which is intended to be the inspiration behind her creations.

“He's a guy who can fish, hunt, chop wood at his cabin on the weekends and then come back to town during the week. It's the male who, regardless of his profession, sexual orientation or ethnicity, is 100% himself. He's not just a wooden guy, ”describes the one who wants to break stereotypes.

MB Alpha wear, clothing for the modern woodsman

MB Alpha Wear

Made in Quebec

No need to buy clothes from abroad! Exit the big fashion industries of this world which create new fashion pieces of poor quality at a frantic pace. Bianca Nolin is proud to present today a collection of men's clothing 100% made in Quebec. Her goal: “to give local people the opportunity to buy locally,” she explains.

“No, it's not H&M. But these are prices that you will find by shopping at Simons, for example,” adds the designer about the affordable, ethical and realistic prices of her creations.

MB alpha wear, men's clothing

Find out more about MB Alpha Wear's gorgeous clothing by checking out her Signé Local profile .

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