6 useful mobile applications to integrate into your life

6 applications mobiles utiles à intégrer dans ta vie

Although technology sometimes harms us more than it helps us, some human inventions are worth using. The majority of us are addicted to cellphones without making use of really useful applications. After all, there is more to life than Instagram! Here are 6 really practical applications that will be useful to you on a daily basis!

Think Dirty

Less naughty than you might think, this app lets you check out the nasty ingredients that are hidden in your beauty products. With over 305,000 products listed in their database, a rating for each product indicating the level of danger as well as an overall rating to determine how "clean" your bathroom is (i.e. how many chemical ingredients it contains or not), the Think Dirty app will help you put your way of consuming into perspective!



Self-employed? This Quebec application is for you! Among other things, you will be able to manage your customers, your invoices and your expenses in order to draw up a realistic image of the company and above all, of your finances. Gone are the days when we had to worry about taxes!



In the same vein for pigisite, the Breather application, also from Quebec, allows you to reserve several magnificent offices in Montreal for an amount ranging from $18 to $50 per hour, depending on the place chosen. Very useful for business meetings!


Seafood watch

For those aware of overfishing, Seafood watch identifies the types of fish that are fished responsibly. Although the application is in English and originates from the United States (and therefore the option to locate ethical restaurants is not applicable in Canada), it does however allow you to look at the various fishing or aquaculture practices that are responsible in addition to supporting the research done in this direction! For a French and Quebec version, you can also consult the Menu bleu marin of the aquarium of Quebec and the SÉPAQ . Although it is not an application, you will still be able to know the species fished in Quebec that are safe for the environment.



This is not reserved for the self-employed, but rather useful for all workers, period. Task and time management application, it's the perfect solution for getting organized and not forgetting any activity of your day. You can manage your schedule even without an internet connection, create your to-do list, work in collaboration with colleagues, view your productivity, in short, it's a modern and digital agenda!



Another Quebec application, Ubifood, tackles food waste. A little gem, this will allow you to buy food products online from restaurants and cafes in Montreal at a discount that would otherwise have been thrown away. Just buy online and then pick up your food within hours. The customer benefits, the restaurateur too and in the end we reduce the losses!

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