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With the passport on tap, discover Montreal's craft breweries!

Avec le passeport en fût, découvrez des brasseries artisanales de Montréal!

With the return of warm weather, terraces in Montreal are resurfacing. For many, cooling off with a good beer remains the best way to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer days. For those who want to discover and live the experience of Montreal's craft breweries, the Passport on Tap is definitely your ally!

The company
Founded by Catherine Roux and Geneviève Desrochers, Passeport Local inc. promotes the discovery of local businesses and products. Their vision is to set up projects that will contribute to the local economic development of Quebec. For their first edition, the 2 administrators of the project are launching the Passport on Tap , a concept that invites Montrealers to discover 12 local microbreweries & craft breweries.


The concept
For only $40+taxes, passport holders are entitled to one product from a selection offered in each participating brewery. The varied offer offered by each of the participating breweries can include a glass, a pint or an assortment of beers for tasting. Non-alcoholic beverages or a dining option may also be offered.
In limited quantities, the passport is valid from June 1 to December 23, 2016. “We want to allow each Passport holder to discover the 12 participating breweries at their own pace. It's the Passport that fits your lifestyle and schedule, not the other way around."
The list of participating breweries and the product selections offered by each brewer are listed on the website .


To take advantage of the passport, here are 4 very simple steps:
1- Order the passport online on the website
2- Receive the passport by post
3- Go to a participating brewery with your passport in hand
4- Choose from the range of products offered and enjoy!

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Focused on the flexibility of the experience, the mission of Passport on Tap is to discover the incredible local businesses that make Montreal vibrate with their authenticity and their passion. Passeport Local Inc. and its two founders fundamentally believe in local artisans, in their incredible work and in their talent. Discovering quality products also means adopting them!

Good discovery!

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