We tried FX1 men's cosmetics

FX1 cosmétiques pour homme

Launched by two women from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, FX Cosmétiques offers products specifically for men. They offered to test their creams to tell you about it. What first charmed us was that they are made in Quebec and are based on natural ingredients. Laboratory tested (but not on animals), the creams are fragrance-free, paraben-free and dye-free!

cosmetics for men

According to Isabelle, one of the owners, the target clientele is “men, aged 20 to 55, who are looking for products that help them stay young and healthy. But it's never too early or too late to take good care of your skin.

While talking with Isabelle, I realized that most men's cosmetics on the market are mostly created by a brand aimed at women.

coffret cadeau FX1 cosmétiques pour homme

Trio: Moisturizing Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Exfoliator

FX1 cosmétiques pour homme

Trio: Moisturizing Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Exfoliator

So I teamed up with one of our collaborators, Amélie, to have our men test FX1.

They tried

Jonathan, father of a little boy and restaurant manager (Amélie's spouse)

“I really appreciated the absence of perfume, which allowed me to use the products in addition to those of my daily routine. And this, without getting an overload of odors. Although the texture of the products is rich, it is very well absorbed by my skin and leaves no greasy deposits on it. In addition, I greatly appreciated their ease of use, despite my lack of comfort with cosmetics. The leaflets supplied with each product provide good information on how to use them and how often they are applied. Just follow the directions and you're done! The benefits are already apparent: soft, firm and luminous skin. Perfect timing for the arrival of good weather.”

Maxime, co-founder of Signé (spouse of Vanessa)

“Since I play hockey a few times a week, I often have drier facial skin. The moisturizer helps me keep my skin well hydrated. I also really liked the effect of the anti-wrinkle cream, you can really feel the firming effect from the first uses. Also, I liked the bar soap, as it is chemical odor free and leaves a clean feeling without drying out the skin. The exfoliator is simple to use since it has no small grains. Just apply it and wait a few minutes. I recommend them to all boys !”


Well thought out products

The exfoliant without microbeads

In addition, we asked Isabelle, the founder, why there are no small grains in the exfoliant: "More modern, more precise, more effective, more adjustable, chemical exfoliation with fruit acids, such as that composed by the FX1 exfoliator, dissolves a substance that holds the cells together, they help loosen dead skin cells and prolong the effectiveness of the skin regeneration process.

Many beauty products contain polyethylene-based microbeads. These microbeads are harmful to the environment and the ecosystem . These fine particles of polyethylene are not biodegradable and are not filtered by treatment plants. They therefore end up at the bottom of the oceans and unfortunately enter the underwater food chain.”

FX cosmétiques hommes

The company will market in the coming weeks a shaving soap with essential oils. In the fall, a new 2-in-1 shower gel (body and shampoo) will be available. We can say that they are not idle! We also wish them the best of success at and abroad. Fx has indeed signed a distribution agreement with Europe and the introduction of the products is planned before the summer!

With Father's Day coming up, think about getting them beauty products thought out and designed to maintain their natural beauty!

To find outlets and their online store, please visit their Signé member page.

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Reviewed by Eveline

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