Oxyd Factory, tables and works of art in an industrial style

Oxyd Factory, tables et oeuvres d'art au style industriel

I've always been drawn to objects that were given a second life by changing their purpose completely. My curiosity was therefore piqued the moment my eyes landed on the magnificent before/after photos of the tables created by Jibé Laurin and Amer Rust. I had the chance to discover two passionate artists who have immense respect for their raw materials and nature.

Bringing auto parts back to life

Atelier Oxyd Factory was born when Jibé and Amer were looking for a common project. Since 2012, they have been creating together, in their Montreal workshop, furniture and various works of art with a design and industrial look. With their artistic eyes and having in mind their common interest in handmade work, steel and patinas, they decide to use post-consumer cars as a starting point. "Basically, it's the maneuverability and the range of colors that made us want to use this raw material", they tell me.

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Document each part used

Each bodywork found is photographed in its original location. “We take care to document the make, model and year of manufacture,” Jibé explains to me. Potential buyers can refer to their website in order to choose the trunk or hood cutout of their choice. This will then be transformed according to their preference. “Occasionally, a pattern, the logo or an ornament from the original car can even be added to complete the piece,” adds Jibé.

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Well-hidden treasures

As with any endeavor, the acolytes had some challenges to overcome. Their main thing was to succeed in obtaining supplies of raw materials. The auto recycling industry only keeps auto parts that are five years old or less. Mother nature has therefore not had time to transform them enough to give them the look they are looking for. “Some of our creations were made with bodywork parts that were over 60 years old,” explain Jibé and Amer. Luckily, they now have their small network, made up of individuals, found over time. These allow them to unearth real hidden treasures.

Without limits and without borders

The desire to push their limits and continue to innovate seems to be very present. In 2017, they had the chance to take on a new challenge by transforming the rudder of an airplane into a desk. The latter has now crossed the ocean to visit a client who lives in the south of France. They are the ones who approached the École Polytechnique, which was busy dismantling and recycling an airplane. Jibé and Amer informed them of their upgrading project. They were therefore granted, for their greatest pleasure, an airplane part by the Aerospace Technology Center. It is filled with pride that the co-founders told me about their works of art that cross the borders of our Quebec. “It is now the United States that has the biggest share of our market and having sold a few pieces in Europe is an unexpected success,” they mention.

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see beyond

What inspires them? “It is the influence of the passage of time on nature. It is the steel of cars left abandoned in a field, depending on the wind, the sun and the precipitation that Oxyd is looking for,” says Jibé. When designing a new piece, they also let themselves be permeated by a Japanese aesthetic concept, wabi-sabi . "This ideology advocates the appreciation and acceptance of the alteration of objects by their aging and their small imperfections", they explain to me. There are also the simple, industrial and functional designs of the French designer Jean Prouvé as well as the American Tom Kundig which are a source of inspiration for them.

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one step at a time

For some time now, Jibé and Amer have been continuing their journey on the path of steel in the field of visual arts. Since 2019, Jibé Laurin has been making works using the same recycled metal as Oxyd Factory and Amer Rust has been offering completely original rusty works on steel since 2018. Discover all of their works on their respective web page at and . During our discussions, I discovered a duo with eco-responsible values ​​and a well-developed entrepreneurial spirit.

To learn more about the company, consult its Signé Local member profile .

Revisited in February 2021 by Ariane Lessard

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