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February “Instaspiration”

« Instaspiration » de février

February flew by. He still had the time to inspire me with this “inspiration” countdown. February is a rather special month. First, it's the month of love, because of Valentine's Day, but it's also the middle of winter. Extreme cold and storms are on the way. Our need for cocooning and well-being is at its maximum. Our Instagram feed, which we sometimes find too perfect, is the ideal way to cheer us up. So we present to you Instagram accounts that will make you smile.

1. Comfort

You look at his thread and automatically you have a smile. You feel good, you want a good hot tea and a book. It's that kind of Instagram account. A perfect account. When a photo appears in your newsfeed, you have no choice but to like. February is fully assumed because Laduvet Nordique reminds us that what makes us unique is our nordicity!

2. Knitting

Because it reminds us of our grandmother, our mother. It's comfortable, it's warm, it's soft. If you knit, I love you leaving. Balys is knitting, dreamcatchers, it's my youth. Their yarn is beautiful, hippie, clean. A dream!

A smooth day??

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3. Flowers

My mother has the most beautiful garden. When I was younger, I helped him garden. She had fun, or made a point of assigning a plant to each child and grandchild. I have always loved flowers. When I discovered Laurie Anne – Atelier Fleur 's Instagram account, I fell in love with her bouquets and the soft and colorful atmosphere of her yarn. Even my flower-loving mother agreed on Mother's Day last year that her Laurie-Anne – Atelier Fleur bouquet was one of the most beautiful she had ever had. And to inspire us more well-being, some photos of the yoga classes that are offered at the workshop. Yes! Yoga in the middle of flowers!

4. Beautiful

La Fabrique Déco offers a minimalist decor… the problem is that looking at their Instagram photos, I want to buy everything! Since I moved into my new-no-soul house, I strive every summer to renovate it and decorate it to my liking. February, and its blues, is the perfect month to get inspired and plan the decoration projects that will come to life this summer. The Instagram account of La Fabrique Déco is perfect for inspiring me with its clean and soft photos, and its wooden lights made in Quebec.

5. Rest

Urban Hammock 's Instagram account is contagious. You won't think of anything but their hammocks. A hammock in the living room, near the window, a small library next to it. Or in your yard. Or in your room. Anyway, you see where I'm coming from. Their photos make me smile, make me dream, make me want to rest, to take a break.

perfect mood? @sarahlabrosa #homestyle #repost #cozy #hamacurbain #beauchat

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This year, let's take advantage of February to take care of ourselves, our family, our friends. Let's give ourselves the resources to enjoy every moment and smile more. On my side, rest, comfort, flowers, etc.


Blanket: Nordic Laduvet
Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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