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At the heart of the company – Gourd's head

Au cœur de l’entreprise – Tête de courge

Whether growing fresh herbs, lettuce, peas, tomatoes or beans, the introduction to gardening is perfect for relaxing with both hands in the soil. A gourmet downtime!

The urban vegetable gardens imagined by the company Tête de courge allow us to obtain a small corner of nature within reach, to optimize space and multiply time. The striking, funny and somewhat arrogant name immediately piqued my curiosity…

The vertical gardening company started in 2016 and offers wooden structures designed specifically for gardening in small spaces indoors and outdoors.

Catherine Plaisance, who has been gardening for pleasure and for food for 15 years in various community gardens and on her balcony in the summer, let the idea of ​​a business around urban agriculture germinate.

It is the fusion of his passion with that of woodworking of his spouse, James Archer, which gave birth to Tête de courge. Entrepreneurs let themselves be guided by their intuition and creativity.

Catherine, a born entrepreneur, is basically a visual artist. While pursuing her practice in contemporary art while owning a tourist residence, she received training, then seized the opportunity to start this business, with the idea in mind and a few prototypes in hand.

Catherine and James therefore embarked together on the construction of gardens by propelling the trend of urban agriculture already present in large cities like Montreal. The compact formats and the verticality of the vegetable gardens offered by Tête de courge make it possible to optimize wasted space such as window fronts, balustrades and walls, for embellishment and for food.

The attractive vegetable gardens are made of red cedar or pine according to the different models offered. Top quality wood comes from Quebec or British Columbia.

The online store offers many possibilities for your projects and creations of green spaces. The company delivers everywhere in Quebec. For residents of the island of Montreal, she can also install vegetable gardens that require, for example, hanging or hanging. However, many vegetable gardens do not require any installation. So, is gardening accessible in an urban environment? Absolutely!

Tête de courge also offers tailor-made products that adapt to your interior or your balcony, or that allow you to create a complete vegetable garden at home in your business.

And what goals has the latest female Gourd Head set herself for the coming year?

A positioning as well as an addition of different distribution and sales points, while continuing to participate in the various horticultural events to increase the company's visibility and fuel people's desire and happiness for urban gardening.

To view the products of Tête de courge and to learn about urban gardening, visit its Signé Local member page!

Photos: Pumpkin head

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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