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Valentine's Day for all: 5 original and local ideas to adopt!

Saint-Valentin pour tous : 5 idées originales et locales à adopter!

Valentine's Day is the feast of love. But love is also found in friendships and family. The activities offered are for anyone looking to give a little love to one or more people who are dear to them. Do not deprive them of your sweet intentions! Share the love!

1. A little brunch?

Nothing more pleasant than a brunch. It's cheaper and less complicated than a dinner party. It's nastier and sweeter too. In short, the ideal for Valentine's Day! And why not share this moment with other couples of friends, with family, in short with those you love?

As a couple: A bouquet of Laurie-Anne Atelier fleur flowers in the center of the table while you have a romantic dinner. For the occasion, Sunday morning jams will be your allies. In a recipe or simply with a croissant, they will bring a touch of sweetness and love to your brunch.

With the family: It's time to let go and let your offspring get their hands dirty. I promise, you will keep beautiful memories. For the occasion, prepare bowls of breakfast smoothies with Les minettes !

As a gang: Nothing more relaxed than a potluck! And because Valentine's Day is the kind of party where you don't want to run too much (we leave that at Christmas!), I suggest you bring croissants and local honey! And to decorate? No need for little hearts, just a bouquet of flowers from Racine !

Between bff/bromance : Dare to misbehave and go to a small restaurant with no worms to remind you how strong friendly love can be! Get off the beaten path and opt for small, more intimate brunch restaurants. The plates are so worth it. It's still a special occasion!

Product ideas: Minettes , Sunday Morning , La Fraisonnée , Intermiel , Miel Mtl , Abelha and Aristée , Herbs In Care , Honey from Grands Jardins , Rise Kombucha

2. Is chocolate an aphrodisiac?

It's simple. Quebec chocolate factories have nothing to envy to Switzerland.

Between bff/bromance : Montreal and its surroundings, move to Geneviève Grandbois . Book yourself an afternoon of chocolate tasting!

In Abitibi, go to Chocolats Martine , which will even take you on a tour of its chocolate factory for the modest sum of $2!

As a couple: More and more chocolate shops offer small tables to enjoy hot chocolates, coffees and other delicacies. Yum!

As a family: Want to cocoon? Buy yourself some chocolates, come home, in private mode, a little hot ball of love, a nice fondue or homemade hot chocolate, a love movie or a game night. Thank you good night.

3. Tasting and more if you like…

And why not a detour to a cider house? Cider tasting, bucolic landscapes, a small inn for the craziest! Or its urban version?

Are we seeing you soon at the brewery to change the world one sip at a time? ?

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As a couple: The height of happiness, in February, the Minot cider house is open...

As a gang: Cirka offers you a tour of the distillery, tasting and mixology workshops! It starts quite well a party, let's say, and the experience is really worth it. Note that you must of course call to reserve.

Between bff/bromance : A little trip to the Boldwin brewery ? In addition to leaving with your cold beer, you can visit the premises. This Bcorp has everything to charm us: ecological, Quebec and above all quality products. It is also love that they give us!

4. Bubbles!

Giving ourselves love is also taking care of ourselves. A good hot bath with essential oils, a manicure, pampering, massages. Whether you treat yourself to a real spa or improvise it at home, it will certainly be a winning activity! Get in the mood ahead of time with an essential oil diffuser from Zayat Aroma .

As a couple: Treat yourself to a spa at home. Really. Just you two. First, take care of your face with a mask and your feet with a good foot bath. Then take a warm bath and add foaming soap, bath salt or bath bombs to relax your body. Prepare a drink that you like (a herbal tea , a RISE Kombucha ?) and enjoy this moment of relaxation with your darling. And if your bath is too small, laugh! After the bath, enjoy the warmth of your body for a massage. No, not the little quick massage of the shoulders… A good massage with a massage oil made in Quebec, like that of Anakiel , or even with melting massage bars from La prétentieuse .

As a family: Why not? Prepare a good bath for your children, offer them a massage and a foot bath. While they are quiet (or not), it's your turn to enjoy! Do not hesitate to pamper the skin of your little ones with an oil-limestone liniment from Bb&moi or Maya products .

In gang or between bff/bromance : Treat yourself to the luxury of spas! Once in a while, it's good to be pampered.

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5. How about a return to class?

A moment. We are talking here about a small one-day workshop, or a few courses. Something to feed your thirst for learning! But why not a little pottery lesson at the Art VM ceramic studio or at Hugo Didier , a cooking lesson, or any other activity that you have promised yourself to do for a long time?

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As a couple: A wine tasting course? Food? Pottery? The choices are endless!

As a family: A painting lesson? Or a family cooking class? A question of involving the children in the evening supper!

In gang: If you've ever attended a bachelorette party, you know that group dance lessons can be a lot of fun!

Between bromance/bff : A little dance class? Why not? You can get a lot of fun out of making fun of your friend!

Happy Valentine's day! 🙂

Reviewed by: Marie-Eve Cyr

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